Greatest Truth Told To Congress

Greatest Truth Told To Congress



If you have any understanding of the monetary system, (or none at all) …this is an interesting speech.

The beauty of it is … is on the record in a very public forum.

There is NO monetary system that is set in stone, nor so entrenched, that it cannot be eliminated or altered. History is full of examples. Current examples are noted in the video.

The only difference is the current system has been allowed to  get so entrenched that the weaning process will be difficult, but NOT impossible.

As many knowledgeable people have said, no  fiat currency system ( which we have ) has not lasted more than approx. 100 years.

That system was rooted in the creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve in 1913…do the Math.

The core solution is to eliminate Private Central banks. They have been in camouflage for years…but the gig is up.

Stay Tuned…

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