Steveston just lost more visitors

Steveston just lost more visitors

Richmond News August 24, 2012

The Editor,

Re: “Give parking back to visitors,” Letters, Aug. 22.

Just read the letter by Frankie Neilson on Steveston parking. My wife Jane and I always liked to go there for lunch at Sockeye City and would then buy available fish.

Also, when friends from wherever, came to visit us, we took them there.

The food, ambience of a fishing fleet, shopping, parks, and so on, were special.

Neilson expresses some of our views. Now, we no longer go to Steveston. It is off our purview of an area to visit in a friendly way.

I had an issue a year ago about a parking ticket, which I did not like.

Goodbye Steveston.

Kenneth P. Regier Richmond

Personally I am sick and tired of how Council pampers Steveston,  which IMHO  has a lot to do with one of our veteran Councillors. Steveston undeniably acquires a vastly disproportional amount of City funds and other focusses.
However….I do have sympathy for the local businesses, which ,by and large, are small, Mom and Pop…. and not big box retailers.
I do go to Steveston , and usually find free parking….with a bit of patience.
However, the City of Richmond , like most levels of Gov’t, feels it has the right to extort people on the use of what is public property. This is via parking meters or tickets. 
I usually assess policy changes etc. as ” Is this in the General Publics’  best interests….” ?
The usual excuse form the City is that the City wishes to create more turnover, as apparently there is a      de-facto rule that vehicles should not park for greater than 3 hours at any given spot….though 2 hours is the officialy posted norm .
This is simply a Revenue Source for the City,  pure and simple . Nothing trickles down to the simply benefits the City via Staff salaries…Staff “empire building”…and funding Pet projects for politicians.
My Suggestion? Don’t kill a flea with a hammer…
Yes a minority will abuse the parking situation ……but most probably stay for less than the allotted time.
Drop the matter, liberalize public parking…. as people will vote with their feet and boycott an area they don’t feel comfortable being around, fearing Big Brother will be ready to pounce at any moment.
As usual….City Hall is out of control.
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