Guilty of (100% natural) pesticide

Guilty of (100% natural) pesticide

Telegraph View: the EU’s latest barminess – threatening gardeners with heavy fines for using coffee grounds to repel slugs.

caffeine in the coffee deters slugs and snails

Caffeine in the coffee deters slugs and snails Photo: ALAMY

8:49AM BST 27 Aug 2012

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The crisis in the eurozone may threaten to wreck our economy; but the EU also has the wherewithal to destroy something far more precious: our gardens. According to a warning issued by the Royal Horticultural Society, many of the home-made remedies intended to counter the plague of slugs that has bedevilled this sodden summer fall foul of European regulations.

The use of organic deterrents, such as coffee grounds, may carry a heavy fine, whereas chemical killers such as slug pellets are acceptable because they have been approved by Brussels. Anything that has not been through the regulatory system is illegal to use as a pesticide, however safe the material is perceived to be. Does that include orange peel to deter cats, or jam and water to drown wasps? Who is going to check? The RHS says it all sounds “rather daft”.

Barmy, more like.




Yeah I know…..fact IS stranger than fiction.

However…it fits the nouveau profile.

Gov’ts are the actual NOXIOUS  WEEDS that are out of control…they can’t see the forest for the trees.

They are tripping over themselves in trying to categorize and regulate every single aspect of our lives.


Like I keep saying…something has got to give….it simply cannot get much more ridiculous.

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