“WE ARE CHANGE” movements in BC

“WE ARE CHANGE” movements in BC

Josh Steffler (We Are Change) CTV Interview




Came across an RBN interview…Maggie Roddin was interviewing a party from Victoria BC.

I GOOGLED the ” WE ARE CHANGE” Victoria group website.


The YOUTUBE interview posted above is from the link.

I was quite impressed with the radio interview, as there are apparently like- minded people in BC who see through the Agenda 21 Bullsh*t as a World Governance model under the auspices of environmentalism and the Green movement.

This is not to even remotely imply that we should not take good care and be wise stewards of Mother Earth, but “good intentions” often become manipulated to serve the best interests of a Elite. The basic premise is simple…they wish to rape and pillage us with rules , regulation and taxes..and herd us into Cities..so they can control us and exploit the unpopulated land. None of their facts and figures stand up to objective peer review, it is mostly junk science.

Stay Tuned

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