Me: “The Incredible Hulk” ? Yes ! ( Part 1)

Me: “The Incredible Hulk” ? Yes ! ( Part 1)

If you read many of my posts…it is quite obvious I have serious reservations about many of our Politicians and Bureaucrats..I often sum it up as “THEM” versus “US”.

This is not an off – the – top ” rant “,…. biased,… prejudicial…. without any substance.

I have immersed myself in various issues that involve Gov’t, and much of it at the Local(Civic) level.

When I was younger, and more detached from the process……ie read the newspapers or watched TV “from afar”…..I assumed that these  Politicians and Bureaucrats were “the best” …”most talented”, and looked out for the Public’s ” best interests”.


However, once one actually dives in on a given issue, and rolls up the sleeves, and does the homework, one can be quite shocked at what the reality is.

Now, I am talking about 20 years of experience…from minor issues say, in a given neighbourhood, right up to ones that affect us all.

That said, and without boring you with details, I have to come to a very basic conclusion: Civic “Local Gov’t” Politics is one of THE most Corrupt Cesspools that exists.

Other levels of Gov’t wouldn’t even dare to try some of the stunts pulled at the Local level…due to the higher transparency of their actions…aka their asses are far more exposed.

Or..Local Gov’ts can literally get away with murder……and they know it.

There is No ” police ” that audits their actions….only determined victims who seek justice.

I challenge anyone that has delved into this to the same degree to deny or refute this. Now, I have stated this numerous times, but I think the issue us getting more critical as time progresses.


We, the citizens,  are at a crossroads that we must take charge, we are on a sinking ship re: fiscal and legal accountability.There is a huge disconnect that must be bridged by the average citizen uniting, rising up and literally and figuratively storming the castle with the invisible moat.

These Politicians and Bureaucrats DO NOT, ….I repeat ….DO NOT give a sh*t about the average citizen….. for if they did we wouldn’t be experiencing what is occuring under our noses.  We are simply cows to be milked and sheep to be herded.


To Be Continued

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