Our trip to Seattle: (Part 3 ) Sci-Fi exhibit re: Movie “Avatar”

Our trip to Seattle:  (Part 3 ) Sci-Fi exhibit re: Movie  “Avatar”

I am not  a big Sci – Fi fan, but I found this exhibit quite intriguing. I find that art of CGI ( Computer Generated Imagery ) is quite fascinating, given I grew up in an era whereby special effects were 3-D and physicaly generated..ie no such thing as computer , thus either scale models and ingenuity was used to create the special effects.

In this exhibit, one can see how the movie Avatar was created(NOTE: I have not seen the movie) and how CGI had advanced. Director James Cameron had said he had this movie in mind long ago, but was simply waiting for the technology to evolve to fulfill his dream and vision.

One intriguing exhibit is where a person can enter this small room…and  a computer then adds “alien”  details to ones motions…..it mimic one bodies motions exactly but with alien “add ons” ….

The exhibit gives one a pretty good idea of the amount of effort that went into the movie, and one leaves with quite a respect for how far technology has advanced . However, one can see the creative process at work how an idea moves from conception to reality.

Also on display are various models used. …a 12 foot robot….if you are an Avatar CGI fan….this is a must see re: cutting edge movie technology.

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