Our trip to Seattle: Finale

Our trip to Seattle: Finale

Check out time was 11 AM, but we left at 10, after having another great free breakfast. Many in our group wished to go shopping….at Outlet Malls between Seattle and Bellingham. Personally I find it boring, most of these are clothes shoes etc.outlets…..

It amazes me how all these places can survive, but there are numerous ones.

However, I had noticed this hamburger chain called ” Five Guys Burger and Fries ” on the way down..and low and behold, there was one in the same shopping complex.  Ironically, our Hotel gave away free newspapers and in the business section was an article about this chain.  The founder started out in 1986. He was inspired by advice of ” If you can cook ….or cut hair, ……you will always find work “.

His philosophy was that they would use THE best ingredients, and focus on hamburgers and fries ONLY. However, they would not be “cheap” re price. His first restaurant was in a cheap locale….and when customers balked at the Price…..they would say..take it…its free. However, word got out that these were good burgers, and now the chain has grown to over 1000 .

The founder stated that they use peanut oil for making fries….it cost 5 X’s more than standard cooking oils.

They also  seek out top quality bacon.  The article also noted that the chain pays its employees above minimum wage, they also provide  benefits, and rewards for good work

So…not able to resist temptation..I walked in and ordered a burger, fries and a drink.

The cashier was very friendly..asking me if it was my first time and glad to explain it to me…

The REGULAR burger comes with (2) patties….the other option was a single patty.Then one chose from a list of ( 8 ) extra ingredients( ie lettuce, cheese,  tomatoes….) but they were all included in the price…you could have ALL (8) if you chose.

The cashier also warned me a I ordered the “regular” fries..he said that 2 people can’t finish an order….(so I though yeah yeah sure…) . As for my drink….he said they had several flavours….aka gave me a cup and directed me around the corner. There were (2) coke machines , models I had never seen before. Each had about 20 buttons indicating different flavours…so one selected a flavour which was then dispensed into the cup.

Total bill was approx. $11


What is also interesting is the store has huge sacks of potatoes stacked in the front seating area, and lists the farms they came from. As well,  they offer free peanuts.

When I got my order , I opened the bag, and couldn’t see my burger..it was literally buried in a huge amount of fries.  I had to eat my way down to find the burger, and the burger was just AWESOME, one of the best I have ever had…..thick, juicy…. good ingredients.

I barely made a dent in the amount of fries, and saved them for the others in our group. Once they returned, they too wanted to go over and try the food.

My spouse had gone to Costco and came back with (2) Huge bottles of liquor aka Rye and Gin 1.75 liters for approx $15 each…..( we had stayed long enough that we would not need to pay duty ). We went through the Truck Crossing…..took about 1/2 hour then on our way back home.

Overall.. a very nice relaxing trip…short but sweet ….with a lot of good time and good memories.

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