City of Richmond Web Site:Richmond Tree Bylaw Infractions Net $20,000 Fine

Richmond Tree Bylaw Infractions Net $20,000 Fine

10 August 2012

Three individuals have paid a collective fine of $20,000 after pleading guilty to 26 counts of contravening the City of Richmond’s Tree Protection Bylaw.

Amandeep Kaur Dhillon, Karpal Singh and Paramjit Singh Pandher pleaded guilty in the Provincial Court of British Columbia to 26 counts of “failing to place or maintain prescribed protection barriers around trees to be retained and protected for the duration of all construction or demolition” as per requirements of Richmond’s Tree Protection Bylaw 8057.

The charges relate to 26 trees located at 22391 Westminster Highway. The site is currently under rezoning review. A minimum of 52 replacement trees will be required as a condition of rezoning.

The City of Richmond introduced its Tree Protection Bylaw in 2006 to protect Richmond’s urban forest by restricting tree removal from private lands and ensuring replacement trees are provided when trees are required to be removed. The bylaw is focussed on preserving healthy trees where possible (based on their long-term viability), permitting the removal of those trees that are either in poor condition or in conflict with new development and requiring the replanting of new trees.

The charges and fines reflect the City’s ongoing vigilance in enforcing its Tree Protection Bylaw. For the years, 2009-2010,  Richmond’s Tree Protection Bylaw enforcement action has resulted in fines totalling $97,575.

  • In 2010, 3,580 replacement trees were required to be planted as either a condition of development and/or tree removal permit approvals.
  • In 2011, 3,536 replacement trees were required to be planted as either a condition of development and/or tree removal permit approvals.
  • On an annual basis, an average of 25 per cent more trees are required to be planted than are approved for removal.
To be blunt, I have not been at this site….but that is irrelevant.
Simply the Fascist Regime of Richmond City Hall where Political Whores interbreed with Machiavellian Bureaucrats.
Does anyone seriously give a dam, other than a few whacko – environmentalists ?
One cannot have it both ways. The City has allowed development, which will inevitably changes the original zoning….with higher density . 
I know via personal experience how fragile trees can be when roots are disturbed, water tables changed etc.
I have seen and witnessed the damage a tree can do when it falls in an urban environment.
I say let the property owner make the call, not some idiot politician nor bureaucrat behind a desk.
If you want to “save trees” …..then don’t change the OCP.
So……the Big Bad City  has effectively expropriated private property..aka trees….created more Gov’t Jobs…oooohhh bad developers didn’t OBEY City….must punish with fines…$20,000…which the city will grab and piss away on some other bureaucratic rat hole aka the citizens will NEVER see any benefit.
Now,..they have someone actually bragging about it on the City’s own web-site.
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