You have (2) choices of POISON, ” Pick O-N-E ” May 2013

You have (2) choices of POISON,  ” Pick O-N-E  May 2013

In all likelihood, our next Provincial Election will be TUESDAY MAY 14, 2013…approx 10 months from now.
Our current Premier had appeared to be ready to call an election earlier, given she is Premier via being elected Liberal Party Leader, but without the more important mandate from the Voters.
Given the stench of scandals that linger, this PLAN “A” is now moving to PLAN “B”… aka desperation till they hit the wall , simply buying time.
As it stands, it appears that the Liberals have worn out their welcome, and the NDP will become the governing party.
I have been an eligible voter for over 30 years. Since early 1990’s EVERY BC Premier, ie Social Credit, NDP, Liberal has been forced out of office. It becomes a pendulum swing, whereby we vote Gov’ts Out..and the opposition fills the vacuum void.
I have never liked  nor trusted the NDP. ( This is not to say I have ANY love for the current BC Gov’t.)
I am  a person that is increasingly disillusioned, I respect the right to Vote….but it is becoming a choice between “shit” and “roadkill”. One becomes truly torn. My theory is that more and more feel disconnected and disillusioned, and that low voter turnouts are exactly what Politicians want, so that a core group of minority support of eligible voters shows up at the polls…say 20%…., and thus set up a dictatorial sham of democracy.
What increased my cynicism is that last week the newspapers reported the Auditor – General report on Millions of BC Tax $$$ UNaccounted before….with BOTH parties , Liberal and NDP,  in complicity.
We are all being played for suckers.
We often refer to this bogus set up as like Professional Wrestling…these are Actors who mimic opposition towards each other, but are really all in cahoots.
I posted a while back how at the Federal Level, P.M. Harper delayed an election call, because the NDP was whining that if an election was called, and their members lost, many of them would not have enough years in to be eligible for a pension…aka a delay of only a few months would make many of them eligible aka set for life with a pension via approx 6 years as an MP .
NDP victory in 2013…as it stands very likely. IMHO, it will also be the final nail in the coffin for BC. The NDP tends to cater to special interest groups…payback for past support….the crystal ball says look at what the City Of Vancouver Council is like….whacky left wingers ….driving the City into the ground .
So, the bottom line is more and more politicians, in a Non – Partisan way,  are becoming PROFESSIONAL politicians, PERIOD…the rest is simply for show…as we are excluded from THEIR club and likely laughed at behind our backs.
God help B.C.
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