Long-serving Richmond MLA Reid to run again

Long-serving Richmond MLA Reid to run again

By Alan Campbell, Richmond News August 3, 2012

Long-serving Richmond MLA announced today (Friday) her intention to run for re-election once more in the spring.

The BC Liberal Party said Friday that MLAs Linda Reid, Jane Thornthwaite and Ralph Sultan are all running again in the upcoming provincial election in May, 2013.

Reid, MLA for Richmond East, was first elected in 1991, and is one of the longest serving members of the Legislature.

“I’m very pleased to be running again to represent the great people of Richmond East,” Reid said a press release.

“I want to continue to build on the solid record that our party has built, and I want to help Premier Christy Clark build on that legacy.”

Reid has served as the Legislature’s Deputy Speaker since 2009, and is focused on “supporting children, families, and local agriculture in Richmond.”



Ms. Reid is my MLA.

She has been in office for over 20 years.

She came in under the implosion of the Social Credit party in the early 1990’s when the newly formed BC Liberal party filled the void when Ex Liberal leader Gordon Wilson made a clever -yet -glib comment on a TV Election debate which resulted in the BC Liberals gaining several seats in BC Gov’t .

However, the BC Liberals will go down as one of THE most corrupt parties to ever be in office, given the way they have sold out BC.  Many MLA’s are bailing ship,not wanting to be associated with an ass- kicking at the Polls. Many are set for life pension wise… so why not get out with head held high with “some dignity” ?

I have met with “My MLA”, and do not feel she even remotely gives a dam about her constituents. She has little clue about many issues and uses ill-advised and condescending comments to deflect her ignorance. That included my meeting with her on the Ambushed By The School Distict issue ( FYI: she is an Ex -Teacher..part of the Edu Mafia ..either way..she is a career civil servant ).

The fact that she is willing to run again under that Bimbo Premier Clark simply implies she expects to be rewarded for her loyalty with some higher position IF by some miracle the Liberals form Gov’t, or hanging around to possibly put her name forward for a run at Liberal party leadership .

She knows that it would take  a miracle for HER to be displaced as an MLA in a very safe riding, given the 6 Figure salary,the perks…. and an increased pension for each year of service….so what value she provides to her constituents is certainly debatable given a rather shallow and stale political rhetoric . 

QUOTE: and is focused on “supporting children, families, and local agriculture in Richmond.”

WTF does that mean?

IDEA: Help us by retiring and let in some new and far more accountable blood.

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