6 Cities That Will Pay You To Live There

6 Cities That Will Pay You To Live There


by – March 14, 2012 38 Comments

In the face of declining or slowing population growth, some cities have decided to get aggressive about their survival.

Some cities are giving away free land, while others are literally handing out stacks of cash to folks who agree to move. If you’re in the mood for a new town, why not have the town pay to have all of your awesomeness?

Here are the 6 cities that really, really want you to move…


1. Detroit, Michigan

We all know the trouble Detroit has had in recent years and it seems they’ve decided to do something about.

For starters, the town is giving away 100 beaten-down homes that are in need of some TLC. They’ll even give you $150,000 to help with the renovations. Some of the houses are pretty cool looking, but they’ll no doubt need more than $150,000 in repairs…

Another program in Detroit is offering college graduates a $2,500 first year allowance and a $1000 second year allowance towards the cost of renting an apartment/condo in the city. They’re also offering up to $20,000 in forgivable loans for new homebuyers who purchase a property in the city.

In order to participate, you’ve got to work for one of the companies that have partnered with the city to offer this program. Some of those companies include Compuware, Quicken Loans, and Strategic Staffing Solutions.

You can find all of the information on the city’s website:


2. Lincoln, Kansas

Anyone who’s ever driven cross country via I-70 knows that Kansas is in no shortage of open space. Kansas has had a declining population since the early 1900′s, so towns like Lincoln and Osbourne have taken to giving out free plots of land in order to entice new residents.

Depending on the city, there are different qualifications that you need to meet. You usually need to agree to build a single-family home on the land and live there for a set amount of time (5 years or so).

Check out all the cities that are giving away land at: http://www.kansasfreeland.com/

3. Anywhere, Alaska


This is probably the most famous example of a city/state giving away cash. Since 1976, Alaska has paid its residents to live there via its Permanent Fund Reserve. The payouts are funded by Alaska’s oil royalties and are divided up evenly among citizens.

Over the years the payouts have varied from the smallest ($331.29 per person in 1984) to the largest ($3,269.00 per person in 2008 when a one-time $1,200 Alaska Resource Rebate was added to the dividend amount), but the average is usually around $1,250.

In order to be eligible for the rebate, you must not claim residency in any other state or country.

For more information check out: https://www.pfd.state.ak.us/index.aspx

4. Any City in Saskatchewan, Canada

In an effort to attract more college graduates, Saskatchewan is offering both Canadians and immigrants $20,000 CAD to live and work in the city for 7 years. You’ve got to be a recent graduate though (after 2006).

The “Graduate Retention Program” use to be just a tuition-reimbursement program for natives, but was expanded in 2008 to help entice graduates from all over the world. The $20,000 bonus is paid in chunks each year when you file your taxes.

For more information check out: http://aeei.gov.sk.ca/grp

5. Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine

If you’re a business owner in need of land, Camden will give you a prime 2.8 acres if you agree to create 24 new jobs in the city. The town recently spent $1 million dollars to restore the site and the land is currently valued at $175,000.

You have to put up the initial cash for the deal, but the town will refund you your money once you meet all of the requirements.

Get all the details and fill out an application at http://www.freelandinmaine.org/

6. Curtis, Nebraska

How’d you like a prime piece of golf course real estate for free? That’s the message currently coming out of Curtis, Nebraska.

The towns all-grass, nine-hole Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course (apparently one of the best in the state) has 8 plots of land left and if you agree to build a house, they’ll give it you for free. All of the lots utility ready and located on paved streets.

Claim your free land here: http://www.curtis-ne.com/amlots.php




Yes there is always a catch to such offers,but it goes to show how desperate some Cities are. I also doubt they will be the only ones , as more Cities will attempt to attract citizens.  I think one of the greatest fallacies is the idea that Cities are the end all and be all for civilizations…aka the Green Agenda,….more compact efficient use of services etc. etc.

Not at all.

History as shown they are like civilizations, mini- empires,that ultimately collapse. They reach a critical mass, and then it starts to unravel. Like the old psychology experiments about rats living in crowded conditions, the inhabitants become stressed, higher anxiety, less social etc..

As Cities grow, they become more and more like prisons. The politicians are increasingly clueless, as more of them come from an era of entitlement. They piss away Tax $$$ on dumb ideas and frivolous projects, while letting the core infrastructure rots.

Detroit is a crying shame, as I often view photos of the beautiful buildings that have been left to deteriorate. The Cities population peaked in the 1950’s and is now approx. HALF of what it once was. I was watching the nees recently and the Mayor of Baltimore was being interviewed. Their population also peaked in the 1950’s , and they have lost approx. 30% of their peak population.


IMHO, all cities will reach a peak, and then the collapse. I think locally the signs are already there.

What is sad is the Politicians and the Bureaucrats force a lack of choice with their dictatorial ways, and effectively herd us like cattle, whereas if a more natural diaspora was allowed, then Future Shock would not be so inevitable. 


Land shortage?  is BS….its all about                            C-O-N-T-R-O-L..  think about it.

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