Real Estate: The Crystal Ball ” Rooming Houses “Coming to a neighbourhood near you !!!

Real Estate: The Crystal Ball ” Rooming Houses ” : Coming to a neighbourhood near you !!!

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine, who lived about a block away,  put his house up for sale. His house was built approx mid- 1970’s a split -level design, with 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms. My guess is the house is less than 3000 sq ft.
No sooner did he sell and move out than the new owner went to work.The entire front yard , which is quite large, was paved over. Several cars appeared . The fence had NUMBERS painted on it…indicating designated parking spots.
There are between 8-10 such parking spots in the front yard.
What’s going on?
Simple…the house was converted to a literal Hotel/ Hostel …Rooming House.There is no way a Single Family parks and lives there, that is obvious. 
Basically, the owner can rent out spots in the house(I have even heard of couch space being rented)…. , and people share use of the kitchen and bathroom.
More recently, I met another neighbour, whose Dad still owned the family home. He had rented it for several years, and the last tenants were evicted,and the son was engaged in  a major clean up and repairs.
Then it sat…..I told the son that I would help keep an eye on the house as I drive by frequently.
Then one day…there was some activity….
The original house was approx 2400 sq. ft.   with an open garage.
Then I saw a row of Pyramid Cedars planted in front of the garage?  WTF?
Then I noticed that the garage had been closed in with a wall and vinyl siding attached.
Thus the cedars were meant to camouflage the renovation work. Enclosing an open garage creates an extra room.
Then a  new metal gate was added to the front of the driveway.
Just last week, a paving crew paved the entire front yard and the side as well.
Another clear sign of a rooming house being created .
Are they legal? …well my understanding is they are. They are not Illegal Suites….as they do not have a separate self contained living unit…but shared ..aka think of “one big happy UNrelated family”.
These are classic signs of a declining economy, whereby parties will try and squeeze out every penny they can. This happened in the Depression, whereby many owners of Mansions either lost their homes or were forced to turn them into rooming houses.
As the economy declines, more parties will not have the income to afford to rent an apartment, let alone an entire house.
Thus, ROOMING HOUSES: Coming to a neigbourhood near you !
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