Lansdowne Road to get ‘dynamic’ facelift

Lansdowne Road to get ‘dynamic’ facelift


The future Lansdowne Road will feature a 10-metre wide linear park that leads to the Richmond Olympic Oval.

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By Matthew Hoekstra – Richmond Review
Updated: August 02, 2012 11:53 AM

Richmond City Hall is spending up to $135,000 to hire a consultant to transform Lansdowne Road into a “dynamic civic corridor and urban promenade.”

Dubbed the Lansdowne Road West Transformation Project, the city is accepting proposals for the design work until Aug. 17.

With redevelopment happening at a rapid pace in City Centre, planners want to move fast on designing the future of Lansdowne, west of No. 3 Road.

The city is already fielding a proposal to redevelop the former Grimm’s Fine Foods warehouse at Lansdowne Road and Alderbridge Way, and other light industrial and commercial buildings are soon likely to fall in favour of residential high-rises, which are now permitted under the revamped area plan.

“The transformation of the street will occur incrementally, with land acquisition and construction taking place in concert with adjacent development sites and city-initiated transportation and infrastructure improvement projects,” according to the request for proposal document.

The project involves 800 metres of road, between No. 3 and River roads—connecting the Richmond Olympic Oval with the middle of City Centre. Planners envision a street accommodating pedestrians, cyclists, public transit and vehicles.

Public art and places for social gatherings are key to the redesign—as is park space. A 10-metre wide linear park is envisioned along the road’s north side, leading to a four-hectare (10-acre) urban park near the oval.

The project focuses on Lansdowne Road west of No. 3 Road, but the long-term vision is for the design to extend along the road’s entire 1.7-kilometre length, linking the Middle Arm to the Garden City lands.

The Richmond Olympic Oval, Lansdowne Station and Kwantlen Polytechnic University would all be nodes along the route—along with a possible new location for Richmond Public Library’s main branch, according to the proposal document.



aka ” Translation “….The City seems to be upping its medication.

Politest thing I can say is we Richmond Taxpayers will be funding a Planners Orgasm.

These clowns have all sorts of grandiose ideas and all sorts of whacko theories…..and with a blank cheque until we, the General Public, wake up.

If you are not aware, long term plans are to re-develop Lansdown Mall..I would say that within a generation, that mall ,aprox 50 acre site… circa 1977, will be toast and Hi Rises built.

However, this is on the assumption that the Real Estate Market is stable and that the growth curve ” predictions ” will be correct, and that the all – wise Planners are bang on in their predictions.


OR…….no, …..that Urban Planners are really much like the “Federal Reserve”, that their job is to create “Higher and Best Use” scenarios that will trigger BC Assessment re-evaluations on a given property. If a property has a new zoning, hence higher and best use….higher taxes ,this is like printing money for the city.


If the City has to hire an outside consultant and not do it in house…this is another waste of $$$$.

They want to build a fancy roadway, which I don’t think any normal person cares about. This will inevitably lead to higher costs to City Hall empire building. Obviously they wish to steer everything in a certain direction and both funnel more Hi Rises in this area and displace even more businesses.

New Main Richmond Public Library ? The current one is only 20 years old. WTF is that all about?.

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