Justice System..err Justice Industry: Welcome to REAL LIFE Nightmares !!!

Justice System..err Justice Industry: Welcome to REAL LIFE  Nightmares


Later today, I will post another video which I ****Highly Recommend*****

Say one day, you are a young female, mid -20’s with children at a public playground, and a police officer pulls up.

Your instant thought is, “Oops….. it must be about those UNpaid tickets....and will settle up ASAP “.

WRONG…you are placed under arrest because someone has played informer and accussed you and almost 30 other people of being part of a Drug Ring. NO other evidence exists other than this “accussation”.

Well, you are innocent, ….you know it, ….others know it…. and you trust the Justice System will quickly come to this conclusion  and charges dropped…..right ???



Did you know that at or before trial, at least in the US, 90% of the parties accused plead “Guilty” ?

Does that unequivocably imply, as minimum 90% of the people are , in fact,  “guilty as charged” ?


WRONG  A-G-A-I-N !!!

Welcome to the Corrupt World of  ” Plea Bargaining “.

The allegations and subsequent charges,  no matter how stupid crazy outrageous etc etc. , are 100% IRRELEVANT. 


What is happening is that you and/or your lawyer will be offered a deal BEFORE trial. The deal will be to plead GUILTY to  lesser charge and of course a lesser penalty ……OR you will be threatened with rolling the dice, going to trial, and IF found Guilty being guaranteed the Maximum Sentence possible. In other words, you are being coerced and threatened..YES..but the law does not consider that as coercion ( it is explained in the video ).

This video shows how innocent people are caught up in a corrupt legal system that simply seeks “Trophies”  ie Guilty Pleas….but perverting True Justice. You will see how families are utterly terrified in a “lose – LOSE” scenario….ie will I see you in 7 years ? (ie plead guilty at plea bargain )….. or 25 years to Life???..if found guilty at Trial. Thats the deal ……NO negotiation.

In the first case noted above, one of the 30 accussed re:  Drug Ring had signed the Plea Bargain….because she was a single mother and got 10 years probation and did not want to be separated from her kids . HOWEVER , Later, the accuser was found to be an UNreliable witness and thus the District Attorney did not proceed with the trial and the case was dropped.  So the aforementioned Single Mother was let off, everything back to normal?


Because she had signed a “Plea Bargain of Guilty”..she is still deemed “Guilty”.  In addition, because of this, she can no longer Vote, nor eligible for social housing etc.. She works as a cook for approx. $6/hr, and has had to disperse her children to different friends and family. The other person noted first did NOT sign a plea bargain, and because the case was dropped, she is free as a bird.

This video is not for the weak hearted…its quite scary in some ways and quite heart- tugging at the human misery this Plea bargaining does .

I wonder how epidemic this is, it is truly abusive and subject for abuse. Think about what YOU would do in their shoes….this is a real test.

Thats why we call it the Justice Industry, another corrupt Public Institution.

NOTE: I will post the video later.



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