How corrupt is BC ?

How corrupt is BC ?

Had a great meeting earlier today.
Met a colleague re: a certain issue but the conversation expanded into our so-called “Gov’ts”.
My colleague regaled me with what will become a HUGE scandal that will take down some very VERY big people.
The web is so thick and interwoven it is unbelievable which is intriguing on several points.
The evidence is all there, why don’t they cover it up ? Then again….maybe it is SO corrupt these people feel they are immune. My jaw was dropping as I was listening to the details.
I won’t give much away, but be prepared re: the BIG fish that will be hooked , reeled in and likely in jail.
This investigation by a determined few citizens gives one hope that there are still some decent and determined people out there who see society as sinking to the point of no return and will do their best to prevent this.
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