The Faux Chosen War On Free Speech


The Jewish War On Free Speech


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THE JEWISH WAR on free speech continues to be waged on American citizens.

The latest assault by Jewry on freedom of expression is the case of the anti-Israel billboards in Los Angeles, California.

On June 26, 2012, a subsidiary of the CBS Corporation removed 23 billboards in the Los Angeles area that called for a stop to Amerika’s mammoth monetary aid to Israel.

The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel which sponsored the billboards said in a statement that it received a letter from CBS Outdoor, a subsidiary of the CBS Corporation, stating that their contract was canceled because the Coalition “used the CBS Outdoor name without permission” in its publicity.

The so-called “publicity” was because the Coalition publically thanked CBS Outdoor for initially affirming the group’s First Amendment Right to express their sentiments.

The 23 billboards simply stated: “Tell Congress: Spend Our Money at Home, Not on the Israeli Military.” But Jews fear freedom of expression and launched their assault.

Congressman Howard Berman, whose congressional district includes Los Angeles, and who co-chairs the House Foreign Relations Committee, was offended by the Coalition’s exercise of their First Amendment rights.

Berman also recently applauded the Senate’s version of the House Bill that declares Amerika’s support and military funding of Israel, specifying Amerika’s affirmation of Israel as a “Jewish state” — contrary to the US Constitution’s prohibition of Congress enacting a law that endorses a particular religious group.

Berman’s fellow Jew, Barbara Boxer, sponsored the Bill, affirming Eric Cantor’s (also a Jew) House version of the Bill. It will soon become law once the Jewish-puppet Obama signs the Act.

Together with the Anti-Defamation League and Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center—dedicated to hunting down “Nazis”—Berman apparently pressured CBS Outdoor to dismantle the billboards and the company reportedly caved in to the intense Jewish pressure.

In their place, the pro-Israel group, Stand With US, is planning on erecting a number of billboards calling on Amerikans to support the anti-Christ state of Israel. CBS Outdoor will, of course, gladly welcome their business and will not allow any anti-Israel group to force their dismantling.

Berman and his Jewish comrades denounced the Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel’s billboards as being “provocative” and thus worthy of censure.

This is a typical Jewish response to any message that counters their agenda.

For to “provoke” the citizens of Amerika into thinking for themselves (something impossible for Amerikans to do) is tantamount to a criminal act as far as Jewry is concerned.

Jewry’s latest spokesman in its efforts to justify the criminalization of “provocative” speech is NYU Professor of Law, Jeremy Waldron, a Jew.

Waldron argues in his book, “The Harm of Hate Speech,” now enjoying rave reviews from the Jewish-owned NY Times—”an engaging new book”—that hate speech should be “regulated” in Amerika so as to “protect” members of vulnerable minorities.

Not that Jews care about “minorities,” (I grew up as a Jew and Jews find it abhorrent that they should ever be forced to live in “minority” neighborhoods), but that Jewry wishes to stem rising criticism of Jewish power that threatens their safe haven in Amerika.

Waldron’s initiative would also criminalize the citing of anti-homosexual passages from the New Testament by Christians.

THE JEWISH WAR on free speech is moving full speed ahead.

And all the Amerikans who “love the Jewish people” will soon find not only GAGS in their mouths but the Jewish-enabled privilege of serving time in Amerikan prisons.



The other day, someone put forward a new definition of Anti- Semitism.  Anti – Semitism  is anything that the Faux Chosen don’t like.

For those not aware, Israel is one of the  worlds biggest welfare states. It is still extorting billions from Germany re alleged reparations owed , and its allies, the U.S., who is beyond bankrupt, a tanking economy , has high unemployment, and many poor and homeless, still has the sheer audacity to send $30 BILLION of its taxpayer $$$ to this terrorist state ?

This is simply Free Speech, which the Faux Chosen support UNLESS it steps on their toes. The US citizen have every right to protest, strategically via bill boards against funds that have far higher priorities within their country than being sent to another country. It is a blunt and to the point message. The US Gov’t obligations are first and foremost to their own citizens, but the US is what many refer to as a ZOG  ie ” Zionist Occupied Gov’t “.

The Faux Chosen are very adept at twisting an issue which in this case could be interpreted as ” Keep the $30 Billion in the US ” as well as informing other US citizens where THEIR  Tax $$$ go. I am sure the majority had no clue of the amount.

I don’t know for sure what Israel is doing with $30 Billion, but I see no proof that much of it is for anything constructive.

What is so twisted is they are effectively stating they , the Faux Chosen , can read minds, that “X ” = hate speech, and their definition of “X” is becoming ridiculous.

Why not at least be up front…and say we , the Faux Chosen,want our $30 BILLION from the stupid Goyim and their toadie cowardly  ZOG  Gov’t?

Back to my original point : Anti – Semitism  is A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that the Faux Chosen don’t like.

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