Options for former parkland subject of open house

Options for former parkland subject of open house

By Matthew Hoekstra – Richmond Review

Updated: July 17, 2012 11:44 AM


City staff are collecting ideas on the future use of a West Cambie corner—provided the ideas don’t involve parks.



In March, council voted 6-1 to allow development on a 4.86-hectare (12-acre) site near Alderbridge Way and No. 4 Road and strip the land of its previous park designation.



The land, in the Alexandra area, is privately owned and occupied by single-family homes. Surrounding the site are new apartments and land subject of a Walmart rezoning proposal.



In 2006 council decided to turn the area into a natural park, but this year agreed with staff that cash set aside for the land can be used to buy natural parkland elsewhere—farther away from the Garden City lands.



On open house is scheduled for Wednesday, July 25 from 4 to 8 p.m. at city hall, where planners will explain options they’re considering.



Development could include an extension of Walmart’s retail centre, townhouses or apartments.



OK…….Translation Time.

The City has a ” formula ” for Parkland, whereby when a given area , in this case West Cambie, is developed, they determine ” X ” population requires ” Y ” acres of park..and this is duly noted in the Official Community Plan  (OCP).

What happens is that ” Y ” acres are effectively left alone by developers, as the City, over time , will purchase these lands, and, as past precedent suggests, the value will be the equivalent of the Non- Park price……..ie on par with the land paid by developer.

As an example: If land in the area is averaging say $80 per square foot…the City would be obligated to pay $ 80 per sq. ft for parkland.

So whats going on here ?

The West Cambie (OCP) Plan has been in place for over 7 years. Bluntly speaking, these property owners in the 12 acre area are getting RAPED by the City.  The City is simply trying to play on their ignorance and possible intimidation and trying to extricate itself from what could  be a truly ugly mess.

The property owners rights were frozen via the OCP….and as is my blog’s goal to seek fair play and justice for A-L-L, they should be paid the PEAK price for the area, given the City’s plan. If $80 per sq. ft was the peak price. the City should pay it. End of discussion.

However, what the REAL MESSAGE is  that the City cannot afford to buy these people out, and the property owner ship has sailed…. is now called the TITANIC, because it has sailed and sunk….they will never see peak price…prices are collapsing….unless they get a lawyer.


Duly note the Weasel Words .

“QUOTE: …….”


This is what the City is trying to do…play on these property owners ignorance and lack of sophistication and desperately trying to avoid a major lawsuit, which any half- assed lawyer should be picking up on and drooling over.

F*ck em..we need a broom at City Hall.

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