FRONTLINE: ” Wounded Platoon”

FRONTLINE: Wounded Platoon

Later today I will post a FRONTLINE episode that shows the horrors of wars as visited on the modern day soldiers after tours of duty in the Afghanistan and the Middle East etc,.
The more one reads history, one realizes that War is a contrived mechanism, a racket, made behind the scenes, by corrupt politicians and  bankster/war profiteers, that is a given. It is a “classic recipe” …manipulate the economy,……milk it, create a collapse, carpetbag, then a war is used as a distraction after a boogeyman has been created. This helps cull the herd of the masses, and a generation of youth is lead to the slaughter and the survivors are deeply scarred…physically and emotionally.
What is even worse,  worse, is these soldiers are also creating havoc in society, many commit suicide as well as used as guineau pigs for various experiments, like vaccines.
Well worth watching, as why we must NOT go to war,  and even moreso tell are youth not to fall for this Bullshit. They do not want to end up like these soldiers, who were simply used and deemed disposable… the true enemies are in our midst, not strangers 1000’s of miles away. Keep note that conscription can be invoked at any time.
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