The Great Taboo(video)

The Great Taboo



Excellent video to give one some background on the bigger issue I have posted often on:

As per usual, there is nothing better than to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth ,(aka no one can accuse you of  making this up).

There is not much new here for those that are informed about the topic, it simply strengthens the existing conclusions. That said, there are some quite shocking things said and even admitted.

For others less informed or even worse…. ill informed…this serves as a “101 Course”  and hopefully leads to further personal research.

This was posted recently, and YOUTUBE may pull it down….they do that all the time for “Certain Groups who hate the Truth”…… my advice is view it(and share it) ASAP.

NOTE:  I do NOT  post videos that I have not personally watched from start -to- finish.



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