UPDATE: The Silence is deafening, hence defining.(City Hall Free Parking for Staff)

UPDATE: The  Silence is deafening, hence defining.(City Hall Free Parking for Staff)
Like a lawyer would say, never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.
I have not had a reply from the City to my lastest inquiry, and I don’t really expect one, at least not till next week.
I feel quite sure they are all crapping their pants as we speak.
As I noted previously,I had this suspicion for a while, and like  a lot of things in life….one stumbles across something serendipitously  that verifies your suspicion.
This “Cadillac  Parking” that staff get  probably cost millions of tax dollars to build, and in fact, has even more intrigue. You see, the staff parking at city Hall is below sea level, and this requires a sophisticated pumping system to keep the water out…..or else it would flood.(So…. whats green about  that ?)
As noted, my spouse , in her private sector parking, pays Translink approx $20 month TAX on top of the paid parking. If the parking is Free, there is no tax.
My suspicion is most Civil Servants get free parking. You see, if Canada Revenue audits the City, and via the Waterloo precedent,sees this parking as a taxable benefit, I can imagine that these “over -indulged” detached- from- reality “Civil Servants” will be forced to cough up funds out of their own pockets, as the Waterloo precedent found no appetite to use taxpayer dollars.  Whats good for the goose is good for the gander
Again..stay tuned
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