UPDATE: Re Richmond City Hall Staff Parking

UPDATE: Re Richmond City Hall Staff Parking
This is the reply I received (in blue)
” The underground lot at City Hall is reserved for parking of  various City vehicles and for City staff parking while they’re at work..
City staff do not pay for parking”.
Ted Townsend
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
City of Richmond
This confirms my suspicion, though to be honest, after reading the article re: Waterloo,  I had thought that Canada Revenue would have audited ALL such similar situations for Civil Servants.
My previous conversation with Translink on this matter was inspired via what my spouse had informed me of, that they have to pay for their Private Sector parking spot, and because it is paid, Translink applies a tax, which amounts to approx. $20 monthly.
As one can deduce, if Richmond City Hall employees do not pay, there is “zero revenue” thus “zero tax”.
We have (2) scenarios, given Canada Revenue has established a precedent that such parking is a “taxable benefit”.
(i)  Either the Staff Parking is totally FREE  of CHARGE ….  OR:
(ii) “The City” is paying  the equivalent cost of the benefit……aka …we the Taxpayers are covering the cost of a defineable  taxable benefit. The article re: Waterloo showed that this was quite a sum of money annually.
Neither scenario is fair nor acceptable, especially given the City squeezes ever penny out of the citizens with parking meters , tickets etc.etc.
I would submit that in the case of Richmond City Hall , we are talking  PREMIUM parking, covered, dry secured,  which on a daily or monthly basis is a fair amount of $$$$.
Once these people are dragged kicking -and -screaming into the REAL world, perhaps they will think twice on many of their actions against their bosses, We,  the Taxpayers.
IMHO this may be the tip of the iceberg.

I will keep you posted.
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