Law Student Backs Down Cop After Being Unlawfully Stopped For Carrying A Gun In Portland, Maine!

Law Student Backs Down Cop After Being Unlawfully Stopped For Carrying A Gun In Portland, Maine!

Published on Jun 24, 2012 by


Detained For Open Carry

“I was detained by Portland PD officer J McDonald on 26 MAY 2012. He detains me without suspicion of any criminal activity in violation of Delaware v Prouse. He admits his sole reason for stopping me is my legally carried firearm in violation of US v DeBerry. He seizes my weapon with no reasonable suspicion that I’ve committed a crime in violation of Terry v Ohio. He demands my ID without reasonable suspicion in violation of Hiibel v Nevada”



This made me harken back when the Richmond School District sicked the RCMP on me when I attempted to expose their corruption.

What happens is that the Police are called by some moron who sees something that is, in fact,  totally legal, but calls the police out of fear and ignorance. A fair question may be ” Isn’t it better to be sure and check it out “?. Actually no.

If there was a law that 100 % banned the given concern, ie that carrying the firearm was illegal, …..then there is no issue. However, if it was lawful to carry a firearm…..this is where it gets interesting. 

IMHO, the police had no right to approach this person and waste their time, on the basis that they, the police,   had NO GROUNDS . They met their worst nightmare, a Law Student who knows the Law and cited chapter and verse the Law to which to police had no reply.

As the Law student pointed out, he refused to give a name, because THEN the police would write up a report with the Law Students name on it.  As I have noted, I have requested copies of Police Reports, and find them full of errors and a few cheap shots.  There really is NOTHING IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS to co-operate with such harassment, all you do by complying is encouraging more waste of time and tax dollars.

What the Law Student did was turn the issue inside -out and upside -down, and effectively said ” What I am doing is legal…you have no grounds to the contrary, I am innocent till proven guilty….I have no obligation to co-operate…thus  F*ck Off .”

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