It is your duty as a citizen to be ” a TURD in the Punchbowl “

It is your duty as a citizen to be ” a TURD in the Punchbowl “
Yesterday while listening to RBN, the host and his guest were talking about being in certain situations,( which implies various scenarios many of us experience in life)…, described in an analogy such as   “being at a party with a punchbowl” .
When the ” party ” gets a bit uncomfortable, most people will leave it, they just feel intimidated versus staying and standing up to the nonsense, and having  the bravado ” to put a TURD in the punchbowl “..aka the party stops and YOU have their full attention.
EXAMPLE: My retired Dr. friend has been building a house, which he started approx. 3 years ago. While he is taking his time, he has been subject to a lot of harrassment by City and other Bureaucrats since Day One. It is sheer bureaucratic hell not only with various rules , bylaws codes etc…..but with a lack of consensus, finger – pointing, and some ” little  weasel bureaucrats ” digging up some stupid irrational rule.
NOTE: My view is one has to believe these stories,  because no one can make this stuff up, such is the nature of Gov’t, and it is only getting worse.
However, my friend is not one to back down, and will research every issue and will debate these bureaucrats, butt heads,  , going over their heads , and for the most part , after doing his homework …He is in the right and the City is in the wrong.
His latest battle: He has a (4) acre parcel and will be growing blueberries. He has a new home, and is thus required to have  a water meter.  However, because he has extended his water line to the backyard, the City has been harassing him that he must have an extra valve installed, supposedly for health -safety purposes.This special  valve is supposed to prevent water from the property to be sucked back into the mainwater supply. In fact , he already had such a device connected, but the City insisted he MUST have this added feature and the cost would be $5,000 .
BTW:Irrigation for blueberries is ridiculous, they are a very hardy plant and there is plenty of water, often too much, in the ground, given Richmond is below sea level.
He talked to other agencies  even his ex  – University  Professors, and he was in the right, this device was not  needed for practical reasons, and also the so called by-laws were not clear or consistent. The City wouldn’t back down, and said it would be installed and that if he didn’t pay it , it would be added to his property taxes.
About  a week ago, he was away from the site of his new home for a few hours. When he got back, the device had been  installed. Now, the SHTF. He was m-a-d….wanted to talk to the Mayor…but our Mayor is a coward and hides behind staff.He wanted his old valve back…the denied taking it, but finally the City admitted they had it.
H-O-W-E-V-E-R….earlier this week…..he got some correspondence from the City, as well as some calls from a few City Hall bureaucrats. They collectively ” apologized “, and also stated he would not be charged the $5,000. TOO LATE.
Being an honourable guy, he said this was not acceptable…… this was clearly a cover-up. The City F*cked Up. PERIOD.
HE may not be charged….but someone is paying that UNnecessary $5,000……aka the TAXPAYERS. We are not even talking about how much time these bureaucrats wasted and still got paid for.
He will be planning to appear before Council  and embarrassing them, and they richly deserve it.
That’s a good example of ” being a TURD in the Punchbowl” …….time to ruin the party.
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