Dog DAZE of Summer: Richmond City Hall

Dog DAZE of Summer: Richmond City Hall

If you are a certified skeptic like me, you become aware of the yearly patterns and tune your radar in on an annual basis.

One of these is coming up, namely the annual “City Hall Vacation” during  August. By this I refer to Council basically shuts down,  no meetings , neither via Committees nor Council. That implies that Council will usually sneak in a number of agendas  in the next few weeks…and to keep an eye on them.

EXAMPLE: One real beauty was the Olympic Oval. Council approved it in the last week of July, 20o4, prior to August. Why? …. or is it not obvious?  They did not want any transparency…..simply slam dunk…and take off till September , so any protest would die out.     Most citizens aren’t aware of it, lulled along into this boondoggle and simply swallowed the Olympic kool-aid for several years after.    Mind you, the cost rose from $60 Million to over $200 Million….and now we are stuck with several $$$ millions in  annual operating costs.

Looking at the calendar, we have a cycle of  Committee Meetings starting the week of July 16…and Council Meetings the following week. Could be interesting what they will try to smoke through,……… I can almost guarantee something politically volatile will be on the table.

Stay Tuned.

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