FRONTLINE: “The Confessions”

FRONTLINE: “The Confessions”
I have always had this strange/uncomfortable  feeling about the Justice System…….Justice Industry?.
Perhaps the best way to describe it is comparing it to Trophy Hunting. We pay taxes into a system whose job it is is to catch , prosecutre and punish the “Bad Guys” who commit crimes…aka come home after the Hunt  with a “Guilty Trophy”.
It’s a given that the ones punished should be Guilty , but  given a fair trial under the auspices of  the accused is “innocent” until proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
However, when a crime is committed the system is triggered into action. Like any job, there is pressure to perform.
However, how much integrity is in the Justice System or how easily corruptible is it?
Are innocent people intentionally placed or manipulated into situations beyond their control by the system that exploit the system’s weaknesses and comes home with  trophy at any cost , and the true trophy(ie truly guilty) escapes or is not caught , at least not immediately?
After viewing this episode one truly wonders what really goes on behind the scenes , and how any of us could just as easily fall victim to a system that has many cracks and , as usual, an old boys club that  protects its own until it has to waive the white flag, and justice is not denied, but delayed.
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