I always liked the documentary show ” FRONTLINE ” on PBS.
I had not watched it for a while….but I see it is available to view on – line, with a good archive of old shows.
I found this one quite intriguing ( as well as many other I have recently viewed ).
I am very skeptical of most so- called “documentaries”, as they are often skewed…but FRONTLINE seems to consistently  delve into the real meat of the matter in a very objective no- holds barred sense..
Richmond has had several meth labs busted. Crystal Meth is a terrible drug,does awful things to the body and mind , and is highly addictive.  One assumes that it is a matter of determined people,willing to do the illegal manufacture and simply getting the supplies.  aka like a Grow Opp.
These meth labs are very dangerous, using very volatile chemicals. The authorities, upon  discovery,  need to send in a HazMat team. I drove by one awhile back  in Richmond that was being de-comissioned….big time clean up. 
In the paper, it stated that a Customs Agent had noticed a shipment of a certain chemical to the Richmond residence, the chemical being an important ingredient to make meth.  Simple solution , simply trace this chemicals purchasers ?
Frontline exposed and tracked the crystal meth epidemic ,  and actually how it could be stopped.
The solution was specific to the problem, and really required a co-operation by (2) groups….Gov’t and Big Pharma.
One sees the power of lobbying and how some issue have to be made BLACK versus WHITE for the greater good.
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