The Documentary ” The Last Days of the Big Lie “

Here is the Documentary I had mentioned previously:
I would recommend it be passed onto others.

The Last Days of the Big Lie – (Part 1 of 9)

NOTE: Other parts are accessed easily on YOUTUBE.
It is quite sad that people make such incredulous testimony that has been proven by experts to be a HOAX…..a BIG LIE…but they do get immortality via infamy…
When the Grim Reaper comes for them..they will forever be exposed as Deceptive Hate Mongers …such is the historical legacy of the Faux Chosen.
If one continues to believe this propaganda, the GOYIM  may as well surrender and put a leash around one’s neck.
As one can see, none of this “testimony” would stand up in court….the story is not consistent nor substantiated…which is why they want ANYONE who objectively questions it to be charged with subjective ” Hate Crime ”  so they don’t expose this 70 year old “truth”.
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