Jews and the Opium Wars

Jews and the Opium Wars

While this video is short..(approx. 5 Minutes..) is packed with some potent facts re the Global Joint Venture of British Imperialism and Faux Chosen Supremacism.
Did I not once say U.S. was Israel’s Bitch….perhaps Britain is Global Judaica’s BIGGEST BITCH.
In some ways one has to give a tip of the hat to the strategy….always a dovetail fit to the given target. Assess the culture,geo-political culture,  its history,etc.etc. …..determine the Achilles Heel and STRIKE with blunt force trauma.
Were the ” Faux Chosen ” the Money and the Brains on this Imperialistic Joint Venture…and British “Goyim” were the muscle ?
Quite intriguing that a well – respected , honourable and ancient culture such as China was overtaken by a bunch of Faux Chosen  Drug Pushers? Let’s call a spade a spade.
Then the useless twits aka the treacherous and traitorous inbred British Monarchy simply took their cut of the spoils?  Talk about BLOOD MONEY and SKELETONS IN CLOSET .
Even more galling…when the Chinese Leaders saw what was happening and tried to stop the destruction of their own people…it was too late..and the British and the Faux Chosen had the sheer gall to claim reparations ? See why Hong Kong even existed…simply a base.
If one really does the research ,  Communist China under Mao was Faux Chosen’s Bitch…Communism/Marxism is a Faux Chosen construct….it started in Russia….The Brits got to use Hong Kong till it served its purpose.
Does this not sound like a familiar  pattern ….hint hint…the Treaty Of Versailles and Weimar Republic ? Germany was baited into a War, and is still paying reparations, 70 years after ? Sounds just like what happened to China decades earlier.
This is a BROKEN RECORD, History does repeat itself…on and on…..and on…till the Goyim wake up..if ever.
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