REPLY to Pierre 66 re: Rosenblatt and Holocaust

REPLY to Pierre 66

Whoever wrote the COMMENT above is slightly mad. He mixes up concepts, facts, and unrelated fiction. Certain facts should be beyond dispute.

Fact: Herman Rosenblat was a genuine Holocaust survivor. He was also a liar who made up a totally fantastic story.

Fact: The Rosenblat hoax was exposed and debunked at the end of 2008. Why resuscitate it now? What purpose does this serve?

To claim that one psychotic man’s hoax negates the entire Holocaust shows that the commentator is equally psychotic.

Fact: The Holocaust was caused by the Hitler regime and led to the gruesome death of about 6-million Jews. There are many, many thousands of eyewitness testimonies, as well as treatises by respected historians that backup this fact.

Final fact: Mr. Richmond Unlimited may greatly benefit by consulting a reputable psychiatrist.



Unfortunately, Mr Rosenblatt is not the exception, but more of the Rule according to what I am researching.

Mr Rosenblatt and his ilk are the one’s perpetuating  Hate Crimes, which more and more people are waking up to.

Feel free to follow this blog with an open mind ..the T-R-U-T-H SHALL  SET YOU F-R-E-E

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