Reply to ALEX re YVR

Reply to ALEX

Airports pay something called grants in lieu of taxes which are millions of dollars to their host municipalities. This was and is the practice of federal government sites such as ports and is the CSS now that airport authorities manage these key economic assets for a region. Richmond has been successful in concert with the airport. I believe if you check the annual financial statements of the airport you will see the millions paid by yvr to the City of Richmond.

If I also recall correctly, the roads on Sea Island belong to the airport authority yet they are used by commuters every day without any cost to the City of Richmond.

Just thought it was important to have the facts clear.


My recollection is the City of Richmond, whose jurisidiction YVR is within,…has historically complained about the Airport NOT submitting what is considered the Airports fair share of property taxes.

In addition, are any “Grants” the equivalent to what normal Property Taxes would be owed ?..or a small % of?

Regardless, the Gov’t is US, we the people, Canadian Citizens.  Are we subsidizing this Crown Corporation so that the rest of Canada benefits ?


PS I would appreciate it if you could provide  a LINK for some info to the contrary.

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