How to ” Bury Bodies “…Gov’t ” Accounting ” Style (City of Richmond)

How to ” Bury Bodies “…Gov’t ” Accounting ” Style (City of Richmond)

My retired Dr.  friend told me about this City document (2012) seeing the light of day recently.
Now this report is almost 400 pages long, with  a potpourri of different agenda items.
It is either meant to bamboozle Council..or confound the Public…or likely BOTH.
The Juicy Bits start at PAGE 283  to  PAGE 346
We can see how our tax dollars are wisely (? ) …..spent !!!
We can see that we have 494 EMPLOYEES paid MORE  than $75,000 per year.
We can see that we have 1422 EMPLOYEES paid LESS than $75,000 per year
Richmond Oval salaries are over $5 MILLION
We have an awful lot of Private Contractors noted…..” STATEMENT OF PAYMENTS TO SUPPLIERS FOR GOODS AND SERVICES “
— under the category of contracts GREATER than $ 25,000 ……we have a TOTAL of almost $ 400 MILLION
— under the category of contracts LESS than $ 25,000 we have a TOTAL of almost $ 9 MILLION
Reading the scope of payments and the scale of contracts, one wonders what the HELL we have City Staff for? Don’t we have electricians ,carpenters, plumbers, etc etc to do much of this work ? 
What is most of this City owned Heavy Equipment doing ? Most of it looks like its UNused…nice wax job.
—–Duly note the RCMP is considered a service provider…CONTRACT of $ 32 MILLION
—–What’s the deal with TRANSLINK….$ 31 MILLION ?
—- School District  approx $100 MILLION……(so the BCTF can bitch about more $$$$  ?!? )
—- My understanding is that goods and services less than $25,000 need not go to Bid/Tender…discretionary call aka ripe for corruption and kickbacks. I wonder how many “Private Sector ” relatives of City Workers benefit from this Taxpayer largesse.
—- Walker’s GRADALL Service..over $300,000 ??? I do not understand why the City does not buy its own GRADALL…..given this amount of billing.
I may delve into this deeper, but I highly suspect there is  a LOT of FAT in this last budget, and it requires a lot deeper scrutiny , as they all do.
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