Holocaust question:

Holocaust question:
As I noted a while back, my spouse and I had a bit of an emotiona interlude re:  the Holocaust. In summary, she “beleives it”, while I , shall we say , don’t have the same “strong belief “she does.
Where there Holocausts? The term actually translates into  “death by fire”…and yes there where Holocausts, but by Goyim as victims (ie Dresden Fire Bombings).Yes people died in prison camps….but not as extermination camps.
Researching the “Official Holocaust” is not anti -semitic or a  hate crime, which it appears the Faux Chosen would have the Goyim believe. Why? In many European countires it is a CRIME to even question the Holocaust, even Defence Lawyers are put in jail for defending someone charged with questioning the Holocaust.
How can anyone be charged if they wish to bring forth an objective argument ? They deserve their right in court. Thus, the Hate Crimes designation was created…basically censorship based on someones subjective feelings…implying the courts and politicians are too gutless and serve a minority interests, not representantive of all the citizens. In essence they ALL fear something called the truth.
The “Holocaust”……” happened”..approx 70 years ago?  Why bother ?
Many who study this topic feel that the Holocaust is a key linch-pin in the past with a direct link to the future .
The question posed….if the “Holocaust”  did not occur as alleged..the whole geo-political house of cards come scrashing down, the Jig is Up..and the Goyim will wake up and arise before it is too late. We are at the 11th hour.
Or , imagine if the Holocaust never happened, what YOUR views would be ?
Why is it being so heavily promoted , when 100’s of Millions of Goyim had died in the 20th Century that are rarely if ever acknowledged ?
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