How I cut my Property Taxes (Just DO it)

How I cut my Property Taxes

Today is JUNE 30, last day of JUNE.

Our annual Property Taxes are due JULY 3( in 3 days)

My taxes went up approx. $800 from last year. Did my property go up that much?

Under the assessment  system, they claim it did (you see I am in the ALR). Sales are quite low, hence they at BC Assessment often have to grasp at straws for comparables.

I may go into this deeper….but I looked at the line items on the bill.

One particular one stand out TRANSLINK:

My “share” of TRANSLINK was approx. $333.

I went to the bank and asked the friendly Bank Teller to kindly deduct the TRANSLINK levy of $333 from my bill, which after doing the calculation ( and me corroborating it ) $333 was deducted from the TOTAL Property Tax bill..and the balance withdrawn as payment to the City.

Now my spouse had a few words to say, but after we discussed it, I went off to the bank and gave the City what  felt they deserved aka $333 LESS.

Do I sound worried….or like most things, I have researched it and have a Game Plan. I plan on making a point….. a VERY PUBLIC Point…..that enough is enough. You see….. the vast majority of people seem to be in mortal fear of their Gov’t and the authorities, which the aforementioned know and love. Not me…..

There is a point you make a stand , or you are going to be a slave soon at some point of no return. I say  F*ck em.

There is not much they can do that I can’t cover……but I can do a HELL of a lot of ass kicking for a deficit of $333. The Publicity and the Stand will seriously humiliate them and hopefully inspire others to stand up and take notice.  The cost to them to recover $333 (BTW which I may do again in 2013 and 2014) far exceeds the return.I will settle on my terms, not theirs

Most of the line items on the Tax Bill are services I use….TRANSLINK serves no purpose to us, it is irrelevant to us, sheer extortion.

Time to go to war…I am tired of these clowns

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