Holocaust Hoax – Herman Rosenblat Responds to Controversy

Holocaust Hoax – Herman Rosenblat Responds to Controversy




Q: Why is it so important to understand this issue ?

A: Because the TRUTH is crucial to the abyss we are quickly approaching.

I am submitting evidence to be used as food for thought for people to draw their own conclusion.

BE WARNED: I have not even gotten warm yet.  This fellow in the YOUTUBE interview is not the only party that has been exposed as lying about the Holocaust….I will show more.


I have noted in several other posts that Hundreds of Millions of Innocent people died in (2) World Wars since Zionism took hold . WHERE is THEIR memorial….?

What about the Bolshevik butchers who gave the Russian soldiers vodka to get drunk and told them to go and rape (2) Million plus  German civilian FEMALES of any age ….children right up to  grandmothers after the war ended.

Or    Eisenhowers POST WAR Dead Camps..people with no food or  shelter left to crawl in mud and die in fields?

If the Holocaust happened is one thing.

NOTE: Keep in mind we are NOT talking about people who died during the war for many non – violent reasons. The Holocaust is promoted as  a Master Plan to murder and exterminate certain groups, mostly Jews.

If it can be proven that it is a hoax….do you then understand why it is being perpetrated ……. and what is REALLY going on ?

I hope so..before it is too late….

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