Who was LEO FRANK ? Part 2

Who was LEO FRANK ? Part 2

The origins of the Anti-Defamation League

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Mary Phagan

Mary Phagan

Leo Frank


The origins of the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai Brith

The ADL: An Angel Of Death

Remembering the Murder of Mary Phagan

by Mark Franklin

“Since [the ADL’s] founding in 1913, you have been an angel on America’s shoulder, summing us to our highest ideas.” — Al Gore, May 9, 2000

THERE has been an angel on America’s shoulders since the ADL was founded in 1913, but it is not the ADL.

Rather, it is Mary Phagan, a beautiful young girl.

You see, Mary Phagan is probably the reason for the ADL’s very existence.

 If you haven’t heard of her, it’s likely because it is the ADL’s dark, little secret — a secret so dark that they wish they could forget it. But it is still there, and forever will be; for it is a secret born in blood.

Back in the early 1900s, before the Jewish secret society B’nai B’rith (which means something like “Brotherhood of the Chosen” to its Hebrew membership) formed its sub-group, the ADL, there existed a Jewish man by the name of Leo Frank. Frank was president of a pencil company, where the child Mary Phagan worked, and also head of a chapter of B’nai B’rith.

Leo Frank murdered the young girl Mary Phagan. The ADL was formed shortly thereafter by B’nai B’rith. Many feel that the ADL’s purpose at the time was essentially damage control — to hide the fact that a prominent member of the Jewish occult murdered a Gentile child in cold blood.

The story is best expressed by John Carson. He wrote “The Ballad of Mary Phagan.” It goes like this:

Little Mary Phagan went to town one day, And went to the pencil factory to see the big parade. She left home at eleven, And kissed her mother goodbye, Not one time did the poor child think that she was going to die. Leo Frank met her, with a brutal heart we know, He smiled and said, “Little Mary, Now you will go home no more.” He sneaked along behind her, Till she reached the metal room, He laughed and said, “Little Mary, you have met your fatal doom.” She fell upon her knees, and to Leo Frank she pled, He took this stick from the trash pile And hit her across the head. The tears rolled down her rosy cheeks, While the blood flowed down her back, But still she remembered telling her mother What time she would be back. He killed little Mary Phagan — — it was on a holiday — And he called on Jim Conley to take her body away. He took her to the basement, She was bound hand and feet, And down in the basement little Mary lay asleep.”


THAT is the ADL’s dark, little secret: B’nai B’rith chapter head Leo Frank was found guilty by a jury of the murder of little Mary Phagan. An objective book that researches the matter is called “The Murder of Little Mary Phagan,” which was written by a distant relative of Mary Phagan with the same name in 1987. (See www.addall.com if curious about it.) Because it is objective, most Jewish reviewers hate it, often frothing at the mouth when they hear its name and spewing lies to distort its attempt for truth.

Some believe that the young Mary Phagan’s murder may have been occult-related. It occurred about the same time a Russian court determined that Andrei Youshchinsky was murdered by Jews for occult purposes.

Youshchinsky’s murder was determined to have occurred in a synagogue located on a Jewish-owned brick company’s property that only employed Jews, though the Russian court could not determine who were the ones responsible, as many Jews from outlying areas had apparently participated in the ritual.

Menachem Mendel Beiliss was tried for the case, but the court could not determine for certain that he was the one who wielded the knife. He was found innocent after some unusual circumstances: Several witnesses either died of unnatural causes (two children were poisoned), were bribed (several people attested to money being offered them), or mysteriously vanished off the face of the earth before the trial. Jews now say that the court’s findings were wrong — that Youshchinsky’s murder was a mere frame-up and that Jews had nothing to do with it.


IN the Mary Phagan case, despite clear evidence, Jews also still clamor that Frank was innocent; that the court was wrong. They say that white southern racists convicted him because he was an innocent white Jew, and let the true guilty black man go free in order to persecute the white Jew. (Everyone knows how southern racist whites like to let free black child killers, just so that white Jews can be wrongly convicted of crimes? Such is the logic of the ADL.) Frank went through appeals and lost. In fact, the case was an open and shut one, with the evidence in the matter being overwhelming.

Nevertheless, Jewish supremacists in the ADL and elsewhere still say that he was wrongly convicted. They continue to put money in politicians’ pockets and others who will stand up for the child murderer Frank’s honor. Something like 70 years after the fact, they got a governor to pardon Frank (with the pardon expressly noting that it had nothing to do with his guilt).

In fact, one cannot be pardoned without having first committed a crime (Clinton will tell you that.) An old man desperate for some life-saving devices, who suddenly got the money for such (from whom?), suddenly “remembered” things and tried to vindicate Frank something like 70 years after the fact.

Yet, the cold hard facts are still there: B’nai B’rith chapter head and Jewish occult member Leo Frank murdered the little Gentile girl Mary Phagan. And the ADL’s purpose at the time, as many today feel, was simply damage control and hiding this terrible fact.

This is the terrible truth of the ADL’s birth, a birth made in blood.

May Rest In Peace. God bless her.



Mary Phagan    (June 1, 1899 – April 26, 1913)

Leo Max Frank (April 17, 1884 – August 17, 1915)

ADL: Origin


Founded in October 1913 by Sigmund Livingston, the ADL’s charter states,

“The immediate object of the League is to stop, by appeals to reason and conscience and, if necessary, by appeals to law, the defamation of the Jewish people. Its ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike and to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens.”[1]

Livingston established the ADL in direct response to the 1913 trial of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager in Georgia convicted of murdering a young female employee.

Those of us who do fearlessly dive into the rabbit hole of REAL History see the many connected “threads of the WEB”, and moreso this case.

I won’t delve into the LEO FRANK case specifically, my main focus is the collateral issue, the formation of the ADL.

Duly note the time of Mary Phagans Death..April 26, 1913

Leo Frank was alive for (2) more years ……till 1915.

However the ADL was created in Oct. 1913, approx. 6 months after Mary Phagans death.

Duly note the Federal Reserve was created in Dec. 1913, and was not an overnite plan.


The Faux Chosen used the Leo Frank case as a tactic to claim discrimination and anti-semitism, which has been their most POTENT weapon to silence critics of anything the Faux Chosen do .

The Federal Reserve has the Faux Chosens hands all over it.

Leo Frank was a side bar…simply exploited…..though there is admittedly  a strong tribal bond amongst the Faux Chosen tribe that their own kind can do no wrong if it involves GOYIM..who they consider soul-less vessels.

If the ADL hadn’t been created, to silence people, given all the social unrest and publicity,  many GOYIM would have made their concerns public that this corrupt central banking system  was created and run by the Faux Chosen, which history has proven has lead to a countries ultimate downfall, which we are seeing now.

The ADL is simply a well- funded bully with a hypocritical self -serving mandate.

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