Re MSM: Rafe here

Submiited to me
Here is the famous Dan Murphy spoof of the Enbridge ad running on TV. It was taken off the Vancouver Province’s own website from which it
was pulled a couple of hours after it was published pulled because it angered Enbridge which has been running full page ads in the paper.

Frankly, I haven’t laughed so hard in years. From the Province’s own lips they prove that what goes around, comes around.

You’ll not be seeing this on the mainstream media so PLEASE GIVE IT THE

I go back a long way with Dan Murphy, he and I both having drawn and written
respectively for the late and much lamented Equity Magazine. While I don’t know Dan personally I have several wonderful cartoons he did, including
Grace McCarthy dresses as ‘Wonderwoman’.

I have, over the Campbell/Clark years, complained that Vaughn Palmer of the
Vancouver Sun and Mike Smyth of the Province were self-censoring with
respect to the Liberal government.

I could not believe that these two fine
writers had not noticed the Liberal governments consistent egregiously bad
behaviour on environmental issues like fish farms, rapacious private rivers, BC Hydro and, yes, the proposed Enbridge pipeline.
I have always made it clear, as I do now, that if I were supporting a family I too would take care
not to submit columns that displeased my boss.

A year or so ago, Wayne Moriarty, the publisher of the Province, phoned me
and complained about remarks as I described above and seemed to alternate
between anger and tears.

His parting question, where I thought I detected
tears, he asked ‘do you really think I order my columnists what not to
write, Rafe?’ to which I replied, ‘Wayne, you don’t have to – that’s the

Watch the above marvellous spoof – several times because it’s that funny –
and remember that when the Province got its marching orders from Enbridge,
the Province immediately pulled it!

Then ask yourself, doesn’t this demonstrate, beyond any doubt, why the
Postmedia papers, especially the Sun and Province, have flooded their op-ed
pages with industry propaganda and have avoided like the plague anything
critical of this government in the environmental field? (One also must ask
whether the full-page ads Enbridge has been running in the paper of late
influenced the pulling of Murphy’s cartoon).

Does it not tell you that the only logical conclusion one can come to is
that Postmedia papers, in Vancouver at any rate, do indeed censor and that
in all probability their columnists self-censor?

This is, I admit, a delicious moment for me for all I have been saying, no
doubt ad nauseum to many, about censorship in the media, has been amply

To continue the Latin, you may remember in high school math, after
demonstrating the truth of a theorem, you would write QED.

For proving my theorem I feel I also have the right to say Quod Erat

‘Thus has it been demonstrated.’

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