” Obamacare ” : UPDATE

” Obamacare ” : UPDATE

I was listening to RBN and they were discussing Obamacare aka the US version of socialized medicine.

As usual,  the devil is in the details…….which usually creates (2) camps

(i)   The MAJORITY take the most optimistic and idealistic view of another “Faux Utopian dogma”, and/or often read in far too much with blind faith.

(ii)  The MINORITY is more the ” show me ” crowd…drooling for “the devil  in the details”,the real meat ….. ZERO TOLERANCE for bullshit.

It appears  that people will literally be forced to buy Health Care insurance…it will be mandatory…to the point compliance will be IRS monitored. Apparently, Obamacare  was structured as a form of taxation…as a legal manipulation to be in compliance with the Constitution.

As one party noted, they harkened back to when Auto Insurance was made mandatory in the US.

While it sounds good…the actual reality was that Insurance Companies no longer provided  competition (ie competitive rates and packages)….they effectively colluded with each other to the Lowest Common Denominator. They knew the Public had NO choice…so in essence the private insurers  had a cartel -monopoly. As such , they can maximize profits and minimize liabilities aka find ways and draft policies to NOT pay claims.

That involves a piece of metal…a moving vehicle.


The  term “Death Panels” was interwoven with the discussion, where again Private HEALTH Insurers will see another great Cash Cow, collude, they can maximize profits and minimize liabilities. However, this can result in denial of insurance payment for health care.

Need life saving surgery ? Sorry..DENIED…is NOT covered…have to pay out of own pocket.

Why have mandatory insurance ?

The premise is ANOTHER group of Hostages / Cash Cows for WALL STREET, and that the US Gov’t can reduce its own Health Care funding. Quite clearly many MORE will fall through the cracks..aka help CULL the crowd..they consider us Useless Eaters/Goyim.

More later

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