Richmond’s City Hall wage bill creeps upward

Richmond’s City Hall wage bill creeps upward

103 employees earn more than $100,000, five earn double that

By Alan Campbell, Richmond News June 26, 2012 4:12 PM
After some trimming and belt-tightening during the recession, the City of Richmond’s wage bill has crept up again.

And the number of the city’s top brass in the $200,000 plus bracket has edged higher once more — from two in 2010 to five last year.

The number of employees breaching the $100,000 barrier has also risen, from 94 in 2010 to 103 in 2011.

It’s not surprising then that, according to the latest financial statements released, the city’s total wage bill for 1,916 employees, before benefits and expenses, increased by more than $4 million between 2010 and 2011 to $100.8 million.

The city’s top earner — chief administration officer George Duncan — grossed $278,300 and another $28,205 in benefits last year. This compares to $267,000 and $16,000 in benefits in 2010.

He’s followed in the salary stakes by Mike Kirk, Duncan’s deputy, on $210,000 and another $33,533 in benefits.

Also above $200,000 were: Phyllis Carlyle, the city’s law and community safety manager; Joe Erceg, planning and development manager and Andrew Nazareth, general finance manager.

The number of city employees earning more than $75,000 has to be declared public by the city.

Those earning more than $75,000 last year rose significantly to 494, from 433 in 2010.

However, the total amount of expenses claimed was down significantly, from $1,259,472 in 2010 to $857,677 last year.

Included in the 2011 wage bill was $1.7 million in leave payouts, primarily due to the retirement of long service staff, according to the financial report.

According to the same report, Greg Scott, the city’s director of project development, claimed the most expenses last year at $11,782.



I wonder if this is a plot to depopulate Richmond, y’know….get the hell out ASAP? …or have a number of cardiac arrests by the citizens.

I don’t see any law in the Local Gov’t Act or Community Charter that stipulates the citizens have to act as a charity to create an overpaid Elite.

I seem to recall that the City bragged about an approx. $4 Million surplus (quickly spent)…..and this article notes the wage bill rose $4 Million since 2010.   I would consider that a swing of approx. $8 Million. In other words, $8 million of taxes paid to the City ( after other taxes ) that did not have any priority spending, and could easily have been used to buffer other tax increases.

WTF is a “Leave payout” ? 

Spent $400,000 less in expenses (WHOOPEE !!!) versus $4 Million more on OTHER line items ?


This is a true insult to hard working taxpayers and adds more proof that Richmond City Hall is out of control and has a thinly veiled detest for its own citizens.  It is clearly detached from reality, shows no responsibility, and  clearly doesn’t give a rats ass about us, their BOSSES, we are simply a blank cheque and golden goose to be plucked in perpetuity.

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