United States

There are over 30 on the list above.
Hmm….. WHY ?
I could dig..but I am not aware of any defineable group that has such a large memorial representation.
Duly note they are located in key urban centers..aka the largest Cities in the US.  Since the Skokie protests, Holocaust miniseries and US gov’t (aka Israel ass kissing) proclamations….within  a few years of each other….we now have 30 + Holocaust centers in the US.
Again…EVERY coin has (2) sides.
ONE side says it happened and the ” 6 Million ” was a crime against humanity . 
However,….Why isn’t the Jewish lead Bolshevik Revolution ( at Minimum  20 Million dead..some say 60 Million….)…..the Holomodor (intentional starvation of almost 10 Million Ukrainians(collateral result of the Bolshevik Revolution when Communism was established )?
What about the 50 Million Mainland Chinese who died under Mao’s rule…. bombing of Dresden Civilians over 100,000 deaths …Nuclear Bomb on Japanese civilians  in Nagasaki..Hiroshima…
That’s easily over 100 Million…yet they get no Memorial for them , at least not in the US ?
OTHER  side of the coin says maybe their IS more than meets the eye
When is 6 Million > than 100+ Million ?
FYI: The “6 Million” number has been verified as WRONG, yet still is entrenched in the public psyche.
There are many scholars who doubt that Holocaust happened as is claimed  ie there was no evidence of a mass extermination of Jews, but their does exist volumes of evidence of MASSIVE extermination of GENTILES/GOYIM by the ” you- know -who’s”.
What if the whole Holocaust thing was disproven..do you sense something unravelling, like  a massive crutch being kicked out and a house of cards collapsing ? 
Does the US want to hide the FACT that the Faux Chosen have run the U.S. for decades, and they , the US has the same blood of 100’s of millions on their hand, thus this “6 Million” is a story they TOO have try to  uphold at any cost or they be will be seen as accomplices, and perhaps charged with War Crimes and true and long overdue justice served for all those MILLIONS of innocent Souls over the centuries who died for NOTHING ?  Keep propping up the lie, they are all in bed together and will take us down with them ?
Sorry, checkmate….more and more are becoming aware of the truth….even many Jews.
Are you starting to feel edgy…uncomfortable ..in disbelief ?
The Big Lie/s can be maintained and supported. ……even with huge memorials which serve as propaganda machine, to guilt the Goyim and create silence…in perpetuity…even 60+ years after the alleged event.
That way , the Goyim(ie we are cattle/less than human) never question what is told…believe their actual captors are not only “victims” as the Goyim  slowly get lead to the slaughterhouse, and turn a blind eye to the past present and future atrocities the Faux Chosen have littered  history with.
Wake up……..or forever rest in_____?
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