Have a look at this…..PART 3 : False Flags, Deception and Treachery

Have a look at this…..PART 3 : False Flags, Deception  and Treachery

Holocaust (TV miniseries)

Holocaust was a television miniseries broadcast in four parts in 1978 on the NBC television network. The series tells the story of the Holocaust from the perspective of the (fictional) Weiss family of GermanJews and that of a rising member of the SS, who gradually becomes a merciless war criminal. Holocaust highlighted numerous important events which occurred up to and during World War II, such as Kristallnacht, the creation of Jewish ghettos and later, the use of gas chambers.


Although the miniseries won several awards and received critical acclaim, it was criticized by some, including noted Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel, who described it as “untrue and offensive.”[1]



Back to the 1970’s…

This was an era of many MiniSeries..recall ” ROOTS”…..” Rich Man – Poor Man”…etc.

If one studies REAL HISTORY, there is rarely ,if ever coincidences, especially if one realize who controls the media.

In other words, the Skokie “Neo- Nazi ” issue has all the indications of a False Flag incident, to get public attention and sympathy by the Goyim.

Frank Collins (aka Cohen) was later charged with pedophilia….but because he  had a changed (non – Jewish)name ,ie Collins , he had people connect “Nazism ” with  abuse of male children.

See how the propaganda works..play both ends ?

Now the Goyim population is scared of a “Nazi boogeyman will arise”,  given the combination of Collins(Cohen) ACTions ,   and the convenient timing of a miniseries  on the “Holocaust”.

( To Be Continued )

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