Have a look at this…..PART 2 : False Flags, Deception and Treachery

Have a look at this…..PART 2 : False Flags, Deception  and Treachery
Several years ago,in the 1970’s, while in High School, I recall a so -called ” Neo – Nazi ” group in Skokie Illinois.
Skokie at the time had one of the biggest concentrations of people in the US with Jewish background.
This issue made national headlines for weeks.
These Neo Nazis were lead by a man named ” Frank Collin ” . They marched in Skokie in Nazi brownshirt uniforms, which created outrage and protest by the Jewish citizens , many of whom claimed to be “Holocaust survivors “.
The issue ultimately ended up in the courts as a free speech issue, and the case (and publicity) lasted for years .
I recall that era where Phil Donahue was in his prime, and pioneered a talk show format that brought forward many strange and bizarre topics and guests.
This Skokie March seemed to be part of this  rather strange era.
To be honest, I am not sure if I recall being aware of the ” Holocaust ” at that time.
Regardless, at the time….given what we were told was “History”, the Nazis were “evil ruthless killers” and had created “numerous atrocities”…and specifically targetted the Jews.

Frank Collin,who`s real name was Cohen ???..twisted propaganda by Jews on America !!!!!

Frank Collin Kosher Nazi.


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


The 2nd video has some interesting comments imbedded.

Also, does the person in the photo in the PART ONE  post  look familiar ?..compare with the video.

Are you starting to see how treacherous some parties are, and making the Goyim look like fools  by playing both sides ?

Victim and perpetrator, when neither  may not really exist in the first place ?

( To Be Continued )

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