Listening to Mike Rivero …he was updating the Middle East situation and the False Flag.
Syria , a few days ago, shot down a Turkish plane that flew into Syria airspace. Turkey claims foul, ….but what does it expect ?..it was clearly an intentional provocation to bait a war
Russia leader Putin is in Israel and had talks with Israeli PM Netanyahu. Apparently,  via the body language, Putin told Netanyahu that Israel not invade Iran as Russia will be allied with Iran. Putin also went to the West bank to see how the Palestinians were doing, as Putin is an Orthodox Christian.
Back to Syria……it is clear that insurgents that crossed to border into Syria to destabilize the country has failed, so now , apparently to Rivero, British forces are now prepared to go into Syria and “decapitate” Syrian leader Assad .  In other words, the evil forces  are desperate for any and all means to start a war.
Keep in mind the historical pattern, when economies tank, war breaks out as a distraction, created not by the masses, but by the Banksters and the Politicians.
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