Angelo Khoshaba founded Cravings restaurant 21 years ago on Marpole and since its opening it has proven to be a popular hub for local diners. However, despite the reasonable success Cravings has had, Khoshaba will be closing the doors to his restaurant after 21 years due to his $27,000 dollar property tax bill.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business reported that Vancouver businesses pay 4.32 times more than residential property owners. Due to the high prices to do business within the city, it is feared that many Vancouver businesses will uproot their businesses and open their doors in areas where it is cheaper to run and operate a small business.

 Simi speaks with Angelo Khoshaba about his decision to close his doors after 21 years and what he would like to see done to help other small business owners from not facing the same fate.



Last person left turn out the lights.

As the saying goes, Small Business  is the backbone of the economy. It has a huge ripple effect.

It pays the property taxes, provides Full Time jobs….Part Time jobs for students,…Revenue for Suppliers…etc. etc.

Now, this business was 20 years established…not a start up. Contrast this with new businesses who wish to take a chance when the failure rate is already high. Is this simply the beginning of the slaughter ?

When the building sits vacant. Landlord had best  have deep pockets, as that $27,000 will come out of their pockets.


City Halls everywhere are the problem..

They seem to think that there is a Golden Goose and that there is also a Money Tree. They are collecting revenue at twice the rate of inflation and pissing it away down numerous ratholes. It is simply not sustainable…one cannot get blood out of a stone. There is a point of no return.

The FAT out there absolutely REEKS. Can one honestly say that one’s life is made better by these overpaid clowns. No..Its all ” bread and circuses”…mind candy…. landscaping….art……fancy civic buildings…….a false sense of hope and prosperity.

The U.S. is going down the toilet. Cities are going bankrupt due to ignorant and corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats who failed their citizens, who suffer the most.

We need to clean house ……..and we ALL know WHERE to start.

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