Piggies Squeal as Illuminati Tighten Credit

Piggies Squeal as Illuminati Tighten Credit

June 24, 2012

piggies2.jpgIt’s hard to feel sorry for people who forfeit control over their  economy to a  private cartel of  satanist families.

“Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation.”
— Protocols of Zion, 20

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Stock markets have been in free fall since last Wednesday when Ben Bernanke indicated the Fed would not trigger more “quantitative easing.”

He would not inject more currency (credit) into the US economy.

Credit is the oxygen that makes the economy sizzle or fizzle.

Oil and other commodities are cratering while gold is treading water, trying to make up its mind.

Had Bernanke said he was injecting another $500 billion into the economy, the market would have soared and everyone would be partying instead of tearing at their garments.

It’s hard to feel sorry for people who forfeit control over their monetary policy to a foreign private cartel of satanist families.

All our so-called political leaders are agents of this cartel. Our mass media and cultural leaders are owned by them. Acquiescence in their fraud is a prerequisite for professional advancement.

We have forfeited our freedom for a good feed. Now we are discovering that we are their dinner.

There should be no such thing as “sovereign debt.”  Currency (credit) is just a medium of exchange like a coupon. Governments can create as much as they need to make the economy hum. Markets will determine their value relative to other currencies.

But the Illuminati bankers have created all currency in the form of a debt to them. Our society is wholly complicit in this fraud that promises to enslave us.

It is not Greek or German or French or Spanish banks that are getting the bailouts. They all got the virtual “money” from the Illuminati families. The banks are just a front for these families.

debtslaves.jpgThese families don’t need the “money” back. It was created out of thin air. This is just a mechanism for the enslavement of the human race.

The taxpayers of these countries are being saddled with this fictional debt and becoming debt slaves.

By accepting this fraud, they are enslaving themselves .


As we have seen, the Cabalist Jewish bankers (Illuminati) have a long-range plan for the ascendence of the “Messiah” to world control. Actually the anti-Christ, he will be “the King of the Jews” and will be selected from the House of Rothschild. Most Jews are not privy to this plan.

The Illuminati Jews realize it will not happen by itself. The first step was the re-establishment of the State of Israel. The Rothschilds did this by colonizing Palestine and engineering the Dreyfus Affair and Nazism.

Now, the Rothschilds will bend the nations to their will by means of debt. Moses relates the basic principle in Deuteronomy 15:6: “Thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shalt not reign over thee.”

The book, Elijah, Rothschilds & the Ark of the Covenant continues: “Note that this is not a suggestion given in the Scriptures. It is a command from the God of Israel. Lending upon usury is how to possess the land.” (175)

“Lending on interest for consumer and emergency needs became a virtual Jewish monopoly in Western Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries…As security, real estate was most preferred. In this way Jews acquired in pledge houses, vineyards, farms, villages, castles, towns, and even provinces. ”

“The rise of absolute monarchies in Central Europe brought numbers of Jews into the influential position of negotiating loans for the various royal courts. The phenomenon of court Jews now continued into Europe. The nost famous included Lehmann, Oppenheimer and Goldschmidt in Germany and Austria.” (180)

“Jean Izolulet, a member of the Jewish Alliance Israelite Universeile wrote in 1932: ‘The meaning of history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all masters of lodges, rule the world.” (183)

“Vatican City came under Rothschild influence in the early 19th century…Pope John Paul II admitted the Roman Catholic Church is still tied to the Rothschilds…In Sept 1979, the Pope revealed the Church had $50 billion invested in various Rothschild banks…” (191)

The Economist, cover.gifCONCLUSION

We have the dubious honor of witnessing the consummation of a centuries-old plan for world domination based on demented prophesies and satanic megalomania.

The Illuminati could not succeed without our determined self deception and collaboration. Humanity is infected by a death wish.

Our would-be masters are proving that we are too venal, craven and stupid to be prosperous and free men. Thus, they ensure we will miss our Divine Rendezvous.

I have another article I will post  on this….it outlines the grander scheme that has gone on under our noses.
What is the solution ?
Follow the lead of Iceland aka ” hell no we won’t pay……. and we’ll put you crooked bankers in jail  ! “
How can you owe something that never existed ? This is beyond a ponzi scheme.
If the politicians had balls, they would not only say no…….but lead the people against this pure evil.
So……the jig is up, the truth is out…now what ?  Frozen in fear …..or call to a-c-t-i-o-n.
Watch the politicians , this ” could be fun ”  watching them try to not only weasel their way out…..but be forced to expose who their true allegiance is to.
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