My Letter to the RCMP

My Letter to the RCMP
JUNE 14,  2012
To: Richmond RCMP
Made ” Without Prejudice “
I wish to advise you of the following:
This  is an on-line documentation of experiences  I had as a member of the Henry Anderson ” PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL” ( PAC ) from 1996 to 2008, and more specifically under the administration of a certain Principal and Vice Principal.
As the documentation clearly suggests , I was subject to much undermining and interference of my volunteer efforts at the hands of the aforementioned parties.
The events reached a crescendo during my last year at the school, with what I will refer to as the “Anderson PlayGround Issue”.
Suffice it to say, my numerous  concerns and complaints  fell on deaf ears at an indifferent Richmond School District and its upper administrative echelons.
In summary,  we have a classic “cover-up”.
I do NOT have faith in ” the system”  to maintain a clean house within its own jurisdiction. In light of this, I wish to inform you, the RCMP,  of my desire to shed light on this “cover-up” of administrative corruption at Anderson Elementary and the Richmond School District.
Your records will show that ” Parties Unknown ” have called the RCMP on (2) occasions which are directly related to the Anderson matter .
It is clear that these parties wish to use , YOU, the RCMP , as a means to intimidate me from setting the record straight and what I feel is a larger obligation aka to inform the public of corruption in Taxpayer funded bodies through protest ,and my entrenched legal  right of free speech near the school or any school or public place.
I would submit that, through many recently reported  events , that the RCMP has enough internal concerns of its own than to spend time being encouraged by the Richmond School Distict to harass me. Such actions by the RCMP  would effectively make the RCMP accessories , wittingly or unwittingly,  to the Richmond School District corruption, would it not ? ,……. upon such revelations ? 
Thus, given the aforementioned I am going to make a simple request:
My patience is wearing thing with re: past harrasment, but I will be commencing my protest campaign . 
However,  I fully expect the RCMP to respect my rights and I request the RCMP “cease and desist” from interfering in my legal right of protest .
I fully expect some ” parties”  to call the RCMP over some illusionary /delusionary concerns , but perhaps such parties should be counselled about “False Alarms”, and perhaps be advised to review the various laws, charter rights etc that protect MY rights.
In other words, perhaps they should be charged with violating my rights etc….as I do reserve this option.
The Richmond School District has made its bed, has not chosen wisely( despite my generous advisements ) and will thus will be held accountable before ” the court of public opinion” . The Public increasingly has no patience for endless tales of corruption in Gov’t in any Department nor at any level.
Shining a light where darkness exists and hides creates a better society.
It is the citizen’s obligation, is it not ?
I am sure you will agree, and that this will be our last intersecting involvement in this matter.
Best Regards:
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