Man Made Weather Modification

Man Made Weather Modification

Hello Everyone

Some of you may be wondering what is up with the rain in BC this year, and a bit of last year?

While some of you out there may still want to believe in the lie of AGW to control resources and scare people into privatization of water and all essential life services…. perhaps there is a far easier explanation….MONEY

I have attached some pics and also will put them below

I am hopeful again that by now, you have decided to watch the movie ‘the smartest guys in the room’

I ask you to do this so you can understand truly the people we are dealing with and why they would do the things I will be laying out for you clear as day, and why they will use a lie like AGW to cover their tracks and make piles of money to keep you off the scent of their money trail(s)

The link above is a link to the company contained in the document attached PDF Weather Modification, there are others like it out there, but this is part of the trail pertaining to BC Hydro.

You will notice they consulted them to find out about modifying weather. You may be asking why would Hydro want to do this?
More specifically the question would be who is it that really pulls the strings at hydro and why would they want to do this?

You will note it would be for money, as RUN OF RIVER (hint hint) WATER POWERED HYDRO, HYDROELECTRIC DAMS…IPP’s which we have been talking about at length.

The more water the better, so before they would get involved with (making hydro build the dams they would make money off of) they would want to be sure the conditions would be ‘favourable’ to produce the electricity required to sell.

Hence modification of weather. (more below picture)

Inline image 1

This particular picture may give you a better idea of what I am on about.

Now, we are told the lie that ‘carbon emissions’ cause weather changes….

Well lets take a close look at some pictures you may notice happen right where you live and may have seen lately and wondered ‘I dont remember it being like that’

Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Inline image 4

(pics also attached for those that it doesnt show up for)

If you are still of the belief that this is normal plane activity, I invite you to pay attention to the skies over the summer.
Ask yourself why a plane would make x’s in the sky for no apparent reason for hours, before continuing to vancouver or wherever, and why this would happen all the time and why the trails stay there for hours sometime, when normal trails will disappear in mere seconds?

This is called a Chemtrail, and is a Requirement for most weather modification, and includes some of the most deadly substances known to man in them, therefor the ‘cover’ story is mother nature is the one to blame, and people fall for it time and again, when in reality, those that push the AGW scheme are doing it to manipulate the weather for their gain, in this case, rain for Hydro profit, or even weather derivatives, which of course Al Gore and co stand to profit the most from, and also carbon credit schemes to tax your air.

The use of a tool called HAARP is also involved as it changes the electricity ions etc. and uses the chemtrail particulate (that you pay to be dumped on you by the way, and the KGHM is a major dumper of this on your communities)

Notice, to manipulate the weather, they use electricity… not ‘carbon emissions’ confirming the ‘CO2 caused problems’ are just myth and always have been to cover for the real intentions of HAARP and weather as a weapon and a vehicle of profit.

(info on HAARP and its use to make weather)
This video will also explain how holes in the ozone that AGW myther’s cite as ‘proof’ when this exact device is the one thing most capable of causing this damage… and instantly.

Now, when you note the billions that IPP’s will make exploiting our rivers to send power to the highest bidder (which will soon have to be us, destroying our economy) you can see the value of this rain. When you understand that this dammed water, can now be sold… and will be sold to USA for export, as it is renewable in BC for BILLIONS by water privateers…

(3 main companies are privatizing water all over the world, hence the reason our city council voted in the meters when we voted them down 65 to 35, soon they will say ‘the water maintenance is to expensive it would be good to sell to a private company’ but of course only after WE HAVE PAID FOR THE METERS)
So understand this, it is happening that the weather is being changed to make 100’s of billions of $$$ for private companies, the build out of ‘smart grid’ is even more of an extension of this (the excuse being AGW) IPP billions, barium dumping on humans and microwaving humans to make billions for Big Pharma, weather problems ruing farms to allow privatization of land for Big Ag, the privatizing of water for Big Water, Electricity privatizing for Big Electricity, Privatizing AIR for Big Al gore and Goldman Sachs.

And privatizing mother nature… or life itself, to maximize profits on the biggest monopoly of all, the things you need most, life and health, the main units of which are…. Air…. Water… Electricity… Fresh Food… Land… Finance (forced credit usage due to massive energy spikes)

You can very much witness the 6 main powers… BIG Water, Electricity, Banks, Pharma and Agriculture…. all of which are the biggest spenders on AGW garbage…. is this a coincidence?

I am hopeful by now, you have been able to put 2 and 2 together, I have not even touched (in this email at least) the spying, the selling of smart appliances, the software, hardware and all the other stuff.

Look up once in a while this summer, you will see the above pictures, and as IPP profits soar, water is privatized perhaps then it will all make sense.

My hope is it makes sense now… before its too late!

Take Care!

Interior Smart Meter Awareness
Kamloops Chapter

It may be useful for individuals to GOOGLE this topic if they are unclear about what is being discussed, research it and do not dismiss it.
Personally I see to much evidence to support and not refute that this is not only possible, it is occurring.
In my 50+ years, and living very close to the airport…..those “streams of air”  behind planes are NOT normal …
I highly recommend the following:

What in the world are they spraying. (Full video).


Seeding the atmosphere with various chemicals results in various toxic chemicals washing down into the earth. That is one effect. Imagine if our natural water supplies became toxic….then we would rely on special (= CO$TLY) treatment plants….right ?…..another P3 venture?

If the main objective is to control weather…lets look at some possibilities of the collateral damage and who stands to gain.

BC Hydro has already  had to open the spillways on their Dams  to release more water,….which we can literally  call “flushing away public profit”… water behind dams is the raw material/ “profit maker”. We are forced to buy from Private Power Producers.

Again, in my 50+ years, this is very strange weather we are having…the weather man is often wrong even with the most modern technology.


A couple of years  ago…we had a brutal Autumn with the unseasonal rain at harvest time, and the local farmers could not harvest their crops, and they were left to rot in the rain soaked fields. Many weathered that year, on the basis such bad crop years are few and far between ie anomalies. I talked to one of my neighbours re: the blueberry crop this year, still several weeks away, and he feels quite uncertain of the crop if this weather continues.

My point is, if the farmers have another BAD year , only 2 years since the last one…. due to the weather, it will likely wipe many out, bankrupt them. 

Then, they  may be forced to sell their land…for peanuts..given the perfect storm of a bad economy and that the Gov’t…..drum roll…has placed more and more restrictions on what can be done on farmland…aka EQUAL keeps the ” highest and best uses”  and thus land value very low. Gov’ts could then end up owning them via tax sale.., or selling to insiders ?.


We have heard stories about how high the rivers were and flood warnings. That made me think about the major dyking projects being proposed. So ……if the weather can be modified to create more rain during the snow melt..everybody is scared…… and the Corporations can dive in and suck on the Public Teat with more Public infrastructure contracts. Just think if Richmond flooded what would happen.

On Spingolas Show last week, this exact topic of weather control was discussed with a PHD, and he fully believes in it. He noted an example of Tornados in the US, which appeared “in line” , which is literally impossible, given their random disconnected nature.

The Elites . if they use this weather modification power, can make all their bogus theories of climate change into self – fulfilling prophecies, and (i) double dip via environmental terrorism and (ii) more taxes from our Gov’t dupes to fill their coffers with Carbon Taxes etc.

Again …..stay tuned to this topic, do the research…. and think outside the box.

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