Letter to RCMP: Post Tomorrow(MONDAY)

Letter to RCMP:
Several days ago, I sent a registered letter to the RCMP.
NOTE: I will post it on the BLOG  tomorrow.
It has to do with an old UNresolved issue….(many of you can guess ).
The letter is basically stating that the RCMP will be seriously embarassed if they allow themselves to will be used as a means to intimidate me from actively pursuing  MY Civil Rights.
The RCMP’s role is to “keep the peace”  and enforce the criminal code….NOT get involved and interfere with ” civil ” issues that I am involved in. Their role is also not to be part of the ” GOV’T BIG BOYS CLUB “and protect other peers in the Civil Service.
The reason I sent a registered letter was because  the last officer called out to harass me chatted with me, stated that I was doing nothing wrong nor illegal, (I already know this and quite familar with the appropriate Laws), and to contact him so he could post on an accessibe file what I am doing to his colleagues if they are called out to harass me, so they don’t bother wasting their time.
However he gave me his card and his e-mail address. When I e-mailed him…TWICE … it didn’t go through.
F*ck it.
Its already been (2) strikes…..I won’t tolerate a 3rd.
I will keep you posted.
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