*****RABBIT HOLE******* ” The Holocaust “

*****RABBIT HOLE*******The Holocaust
HOLOCAUST  DEBATE: Tomorrow Friday JUNE 22, 2001 at 9:00 AM (BC Time)
Friday, 6/22:
Friedrich Paul Berg and Roberto Muehlenkamp debate Holocaust issues.
( Click on the Right Hand Side to listen to it live)
Boy..did we almost have WW3 at our house the other day.
My lovely spouse asked me if I believed in ” The Holocaust “.
I gave her an answer she did NOT like….OUCH ! ( ……which goes to show that some questions should NOT be asked if you want an answer )
QUESTION: How DO you answer this question re THE HOLOCAUST ?
ANSWER: (2) ways
(i)  Simple accept and believe that it happened. “THE END”.
(ii) Do some objective research and keep an open mind and draw your own conclusions.
One qualifier : NEVER E-V-E-R allow anyone who to accuse you of Anti -Semitism or a Hate Crime if you don’t 100% agree that “The Holocaust”  happened. You are simply falling into the same trap the majority of others have.
Like any objective neutral Lawyer would do…you simply start with Evidence..FACTS ..documents…….PROOF….etc
Rumour…. innuendo, ….hearsay…. 2nd hand stories…..propoganda ….Steven Spielberg Movies … are NOT admissible.
One may ask……Why do I even care about this ? …”it” …..”happened (?!) ” ….long before  I was even born.
Lots of reasons:
I have, since I was born, I’ve had this inquiring mind that never EVER accepted anything as “the  Truth”….aka healthy skepticism and NO BULLSHIT is DNA hard wired in me.
Being of Germanic background..there was this sense of “cultural shame” for decades, aka brainwashing….yet at the same I never saw any signs of ” Monsters” in our cultural crowd.
I have immunity, in the sense I find this issue to be a Hate Crime perpetuated against MY roots/background/culture. This could easily be turned around and be used against the very parties who chose to promote this”Holocaust”.
I have found ZERO …I repeat ZERO evidence to prove that it, The Holocaust…. did occur as is being promoted.
Yes, people died in camps, but not via the reasons alleged.
If we are going to claim “SIX MILLION “of a certain group died (which has be refuted by many experts)…lets open the entire Historical PANDORA’S BOX.
Let’s review the BOLSHEVIK Revolution, where Tens of MILLIONS of Russians were slaughtered.
Guess “who” made up the majority of BOLSHEVIKS ?
How about the Ukrainian HOLOMODOR, where Millions were starved to death …one of the most INhumane ways to die..again under the BOLSHEVIKS.
How about the Mainland Chinese..where Mao Tse Tung , under Communism , another “Faux Chosen” creation… was responsible for the  deaths of over 40 MILLION people.
Even IF  the Holocaust happened, where are the memorials to  the victims of these OTHER atrocities ? Don’t they count ?… are they considered less equal ? ….or are we , the 99.9 % of the world population, aka the Goyim, victims of the BIGGEST HOAX ever perpetrated which will lead to our ultimate demise if we continue to believe it, as our minds shut down as programmed and not see the growing EVIL around us ? 
If you are starting to connect the dots….you begin to ask ” Where’s the PROOF ” ? (and Puhleeze..don’t refer to WW2 videos…those have been analyzed and refuted as staged……exposed for what they are and what they are not..)
PS: Here is your first hint:
Review and research the “Lampshades made from Human Skin” and “Soap made from Human Bodies” .
The REAL TRUTH is mindblowing.
When you have your answers to ” Where’s the P-R-O-O-F ” ? , and you understand the insidiousness of Propoganda…..the next epiphany is “OMG..now I get it”..……aka Silence of the Lambs (sheep) ” ….till the “Judas Goats”(look up the term)  lead us GOYIM to the slaughterhouse.
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