Mancow, Ventura Interview Scrambled by Big Brother!

Mancow, Ventura Interview Scrambled by Big Brother!

FYI: This was just posted on YOUTUBE:
Now Alex Jones is worshipped by some, …..and some scorned by others in the ” Truth/er Movement”(..which is basically people who seek THE TRUTH on any given item and see through the lies ).
My view is Alex is not perfect, nobody is… he may be “controlled opposition,” but not everything he says should be dismissed.    Some call it the 90/10 ratio…90% is true, but 10% is not…and they want to bait you with the 90% so you beleieve the 10%.  
One should always keep an open mind, ultimately one will find the truth eventually, or as close to it as possible if you are prepared to go down many rabbit holes.
In this approx. 30 minute interview, at approx the 18 minute mark, the conversation does get interesting.
The premise submitted is that in this technological era, much has been placed into a digital/digitized format. They delve into the issue that such a format is our , the General Populations’ ” Achilles Heel”, as having been literally left with no options, hence dependent,….. Big Brother can literally control us via we have no other option.
They were discussing how , at literally ” the flip of a switch” , the Gov’t could erase say a “book on KINDLE”, …..your data stored on a CD or DVD ….or scramble any signal….or cut into any device  with a BIG BROTHER message. etc etc. etc..
I wouldn’t doubt it at all, given what I have read are some unbeleivable tools and weapons out there at the Military and Gov’ts disposal.
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