RCMP contract: Rebels prepare to sign, Richmond waits

RCMP contract: Rebels prepare to sign, Richmond waits

By Alfie Lau, Glacier Media June 19, 2012

For almost three months, Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has said he wouldn’t sign the new 20-year RCMP contract the province negotiated with the federal government until key issues like cost certainty and accountability were addressed in a meaningful way.

But on Tuesday morning, Corrigan told the Burnaby Now that, after meeting with the mayors of other holdout cities like Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and the district and city of North Vancouver, Burnaby will sign off on the deal.

“The cities got together and agreed to get an independent consultant to look at other policing alternatives,” Corrigan said.

“In the interim, we’ve decided to sign the agreement provided there are no financial consequences imposed on us … We’re also looking at the two-year opt-out provision.”

Coquitlam voted on Monday night to sign off on the deal while Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie told the Richmond News that the cities did agree to chip in for the consultation process, but no final decision has been made in terms of Richmond signing off on the RCMP contract.

“We’re signing this under protest,” said Corrigan. “We’re under duress. The (B.C.) government put us in a bad situation, they put us between a rock and a hard place by negotiating a contract that didn’t address a lot of unresolved issues.”



What a bunch of useless twits. I guess they assume the general public are a bunch of clueless sheep .

The Mayors are simply playing more silly political games and posturing till the 11 th hour.

IF these Mayors were ACTUALLY serious about turfing the RCMP, they would have set in motion the process long ago, long before the contract expired, and have either shit or gotten off the pot .  Now they fumble around like the clowns and amateurs they are. They proably knew that the Province would frce the issue so they can blame the Province, but in reality, they, the Local Gov’ts  had a golden opportunity in their hands which they blew.

In essence this is what they are stating, but not admitting.

—-  They will expose their consituents to a blank-cheque from a security contractor based in Ottawa (look at your annual property taxes and see the high % that goes to policing.

—  Given the militarization of the police on a global basis, if we have the RCMP, it is seemless transition for Ottawa, aka the Federal Gov’t . In other words, the Federal Gov’t could impose an upgrade of expensive weapons, vehicles, spying devices, etc .etc.  which WE the local taxpayers may have to pay so they can be used against us. Perhaps the Mayor’s actions or lack thereof,  have exposed this?

—  Still no word on how to weed out and get rid of the corruption , sexism, botched serial killer investugations, etc etc.  which appears epidemic.

Really, who pays for this? …WE, the taxpayers do, fiscally as a group, or emotionally as a victim.That’s a good way to corner the Mayors etc…” Oh, so you don’t mind having a security contractor with over 100 Class Action suits…tasering people, ….DUI’s….office sex/on- the- job sex…”

—- Richmond particularly has a revolving door of RCMP. We are considered a good training ground for young recruits to immerse themselves in out multicultural milleux. That implies LESS experience  and all the negative possibilities that bluntly implies.

etc. etc.

—–  Richmond, the great actors that they are…. will fold like a cheap tent.. and sign on….BET on it…
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